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Thread: Tribal Shuffle Guess

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    Tribal Shuffle Guess

    Okay, I was bored and (I havent' read any spoilers on tribal shuffle or anything just so yo know) was thinking of a tribal shuffle thing...

    What happened if there [in the jar thing] were 3 "tribes." One tribe was ColourA [let's say white], the other was ColourB [let's say pink] and finally ColourC [black.]

    But what if there were Only 4 "ColourA" and only 4 "ColourB" buff's... meaning 5 C's.

    Those then with the 5C's would pull out of a second jar for the final C Buff. Whoever got it, won immunity.

    Then, all 13 people would go to tribal (though living in seperate camps) and the person with the C Buff would be immune from the vote, and then after they would vote, whoever was eliminated, the immunity winner would go to that person's new tribe, since it would be 6-5.

    If that's confusing a bit, just read this:

    Contestants: 13
    Immune: 1
    = 2 Tribes of 6
    1 eliminated
    = 1 tribe of 6, other of 5
    Immune goes to Tribe of 5

    Game continues on with two new tribes.

    What do you guys think? I know they'd never ever do something like that, but wouldn't it be kind of cool?

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    I think that sounds a lot like some of the twists in the vote-em-out games in the Fun and Games thread. It would be cool.

    However, you probably wouldn't want the tribes to go to Tribal Council together right after a swap. That could seriously hinder any chance at alliance shuffling that a tribal swap encourages since the entire group would have little to no incentive to do anything but vote along original tribal lines.

    I'm all for the idea of the "ghosts" (voted off castaways) choosing the new tribes, though!

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