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Thread: Old vs Young Shuffle?

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    That would be an interesting way to beat the predictability this season has settled into (I think this is the first pre-merge pagonging on record).

    For my own theory on the switch-up: Warning- Potential Spoilers (No inside information- based solely on CBS.com web promo)

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    Has anyone else noticed that the older, not old, but older survivors seem to have more stamina? Some of the young ones seem to drop pretty quick. The older ones can hang pretty well. I just keep remembering Amazon with all the whining, and "I can't take it anymore". We have seen this on each season, but it seems like the oldsters just are riding the wave. Maybe they have learned the old "One day at a time" cliche? Or, they are just glad to still be there!

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    Well. Just saw the show.


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