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Thread: Does The Preview Reveal Who Switches? ***SPOILERS***

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    Does The Preview Reveal Who Switches? ***SPOILERS***


    Some screencaps from the cbs.com promo for episode five:

    1) We see that Travis (or possibly Chris) remains on Lopevi, as he is swimming to the Lopevi buoy. In the background, we see Lisa (neon green bathing suit) standing on the same platform as Rory.

    2) We see Twila and Sarge are both members of Lopevi.

    3) We see that Leann, Eliza, Ami, and Lisa remain on Yasur. We can also assume that Rory has been swapped to Yasur.

    4) We see an albeit blurry shot of one of the women in a red and white tanktop- previous appearance can let us ascertain that it is Julie. She remains on Yasur.

    So here is where we stand:

    Yasur: Rory, Eliza, Leann, Lisa, Ami, Julie
    Lopevi: Travis, Lea, Twila
    Unaccounted for: Chad, John K., Chris, Scout

    Now, realise that Yasur has a numbers advantage and will sit out one member during the diving challenge. I wouldn't sit out John, Chad, or even Chris over Eliza in that particular challenge. So it's logical that Scout remained on Yasur and sat out of the challenge. This means John, Chad, and Chris stay on Lopevi.

    The tribesman asks for only one chief from each tribe. It's not too farfetched that Yasur would pick Twila and Lopevi Rory (at least to get him off their hands for a while.) It looks like, a la Apprentice, only one person from each team is switching: Twila and Rory.

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    wow, thanks quack!

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    If that's true then the switcheroo is stupid. How nice to get everyone hyped up for Thursday night when the tribes remain almost the same.

    you've got mad screen capping skills.

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    Thanks for that, i am still deciding how to make my picks for the games this week...i think i know who goes, i am just trying to decide on the rest of it.


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    I won't mention how you were wrong, but, what made you put Bubba on Lopevi, none of your caps showed him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stunners
    I won't mention how you were wrong,
    You just did...

    Quote Originally Posted by Stunners
    but, what made you put Bubba on Lopevi, none of your caps showed him.
    That was my own eyes failing me- I mistook the shot of Chris diving for Lopevi for one of Bubba. From hair alone, they look similar. Another mistake came when I assumed if Yasur still had Scout, they would sit her out- they didn't; they sat out Bubba.

    As for my putting Julie on Yasur, the shot of her in the earthquake came pre-twist.

    Besides Julie and Bubba, I got everyone right. That's not too too bad.

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