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Thread: Survivor: Polynesian Pete Report (Day 9) - Lopevi knows how to Pagong

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    But come on, you saw Lex do the same thing when he voted off Colby and Ethan. They became a tribe that was beyond pathetic when they couldn't even compete really in challenges. How well did it serve Lex? Miserably. He became the first one voted off post merge. You should try to keep the tribe strong going into the merge because will they win every challenge? No. So you can vote them off when they lose the IC. I think had they gotten rid of Royry and kept JP they could've won the IC. Meaning the girls would be down one more and the tribe would be more unified. Rory is a cancer in the tribe. I compare them to the Tambaqui guys. Look at what they did for their first 2 TCs. They voted off lazy Ryan who blew the first IC for them. Then they voted off Daniel who was a lot like Rory. *sigh* They were a pretty good group. They kept themselves even with the girls something these guys would never do. If they were NOT switching the tribes up, they'd go into the merge with 2 of the guys left since they'd never win another challenge. Which means the flab 5 would have to start voting off their own. I see NOTHING brilliant in voting off your strong people. I see nothing interesting in it either. What's interesting in them picking off the young interesting people? No wonder this season is considered by most of the fans to be a terrible and boring season. Give me back my TAR. I can't wait for THAT to premiere.

    One last thing. Should the tribes switch up, hopefully JK will be with Eliza and Julie. The 3 of them can team up and with a little luck take down the flab 5. He'll tell them their plan and the girls will be thrilled to team up with the outsider to get their butts outta the game...besides, Eliza and Julie will find JK hot and want to team up with him. This would make for some seriously sweet TV and would make the season worth watching. I wanna see JK get his sweet revenge on the flab 5! If he can pull that off, he could very well go far in this game.

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    Great analysis, Bill.

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    So what are the older men doing that is different than what Scout and Twyla have going on their tirbe? Of course we are going to have a mix up, but if the game were to continue on its present track the merge would look something like this: Sarge, Chris, Chad, Travis, maybe Rory and/or John. While the women would be Scout, Twyla, Lean, Ami, maybe Lisa and/or Eliza. Julie would be gone unless the women swept every I/C. It looks like older and wiser vs. older and wiser to me. I think its a great season.

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    Ami... I do agree that she's "semi" UTR.
    She's not in any conflicts, but she's always there when decisions are made. She's in there being part of the group. A young Scout... Call her Brownie? Girl Guide?

    Anyway, good luck to her. I think she's the favourite in our house right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill
    Brady took his desire to drive a wedge between Sarge and Rory a little bit further though. I am pretty convinced he not only tried to throw the immunity challenge, but he actively sabotaged it. Looking back at the video, Brady is first to begin openly mocking Rory, and then stirs the pot further with side conversations. By the time it was done, everyone was going their own direction. Back at camp, Brady then tried to focus blame on Rory as they sat around the fire.
    Now that you mentioned that, I do remember Brady acting a little suspcious during the game. It did seem like he wasn't doing anything to help solve the puzzle, but I never thought he was trying to sabotage it. It does make sense though. I wished he had been able to convince Sarge or any of the other guys to get rid of Rory. That guy is just sucking the life out of the team, plus I wanted Brady to make it to the merge.

    Great observations, Bill.

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    Yet another excellent and entertaining piece of analysis, my friend!

    And thank heavens you were able to save the Starbucks!

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