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Thread: Is it just me or...

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    well it doesn't suck as much as say thailand or amazon did for me, but yeah the only people i really like right now are leanne/ami/chad

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    Quote Originally Posted by snickers
    well it doesn't suck as much as say thailand or amazon did for me, but yeah the only people i really like right now are leanne/ami/chad
    Funny, because Amazon is my second favorite season (behind the original.) I don't know if any season will suck as much as Thailand did. This group is at least more interesting.

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    This show doesn't have the flair Pearl Islands had for me.

    What made PI better?
    1) Win RC, steal 1 item from opposing tribe.
    2) Just the clothes on their backs after they jump ship.
    3) Varied personalities.

    Vanuatu: rehash of Amazon with volcanoes and the natives.

    At least PI was very original compared among all other seasons in terms of gameplay. They even brought back the first boots to compete as the Outcast tribe.

    PI > Vanuatu > Africa

    Chad and Ami better make it on the jury.

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    The opening show of PI, with Rupert stealing the oppositions shoes... that series worked well right from the start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by American Idyll
    There's no "Johnny Fairplay"-type villain in the bunch, that might be the problem! Eye-rolling Mia was a poor substitute.
    Don't forget about Eliza...I think she still has potential! Of course Eliza is mostly just stupid and yappy, not exactly a villain, but still a good candidate for my hate list.
    Other than Eliza,I'm like a lot of other folks here who usually don't start forming many strong opinions until later.
    For some reason though, last week I started getting the eensiest feeling that Scout will be on my nerves with the hippy crap before too long,not that it matters because everyone seems to love her, but it happened when she started talking about there being too much 'negative energy' or something like that around the campfire. Just go ahead and call it bitching, Scout, like anyone else would!
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    I loved the Amazon installment and had high expectations for this season, maybe that is why I'm bored. Good to know I am not alone.

    The men's team have no personalities yet, I am hoping that will change. Not to mention the only hottie left is John... Of the women, Twila and Eliza are fun to watch so far but I'm not really rooting for them yet.

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    I'm probably a slowpoke when it comes to finally getting around to recogniizing all the castaways, and for me the show generally doesn't attain its highpoint until I know who people are and how I feel about them. For me, about a third or more of those on this show are still anonymously invisable, hardly ever speaking or being shown outside challenges.

    I don't attempt to say she (or he) is like "???" from an earlier season. I haven't watched the Survivor series from the beginning, but even when there appear to be people with similar characteristics to earlier players, it seems to me that the tribal dynamics are likely different for the current person than the earlier one, making carbon copy play unlikely.

    I like villians well enough, sometimes to cheer on or at least to jeer, but while Mia appeared (to me) that she might have a possible villianess germ within her, it seemed overshadowed by the Bad Seed persona that had me thinking they better lock up the machete prior to sacktime. I think she was one sick puppy.

    Its a humorous shame that all the self described Survivor experts have fallen, as if they knew that much I'd expect them to do a better job of scrambling. I could have imagined Brady surviving, but he seemed to wait until the last moment to make his corrective move. Maybe surviving simply involved drawing straws, and Johnny Athlete got the long straw and the priviledge of doing a solidarity vote to evict Brady with the guys that may have hesitated while deciding how to voting, being all too ready to see his back as well.

    Whatever mixing occurs here shortly, I expect the season to get much more interesting shortly and I still enjoy it. I disagree with Jeff about the whole notion that the men are collectively cutting their throats by getting rid of the "strong". The remaining men are not the hopeless losers he imagines, and I haven't seen any Superwomen duds worn by the women. Things will even out.

    The season truly begins after harvesting the deadwood. This season, one surprise was that the deadwood possessed outwardly healthy trunks, but there must have been some sort of rot going on inside, at least in the skull cap, otherwise those off'd tribemates that mighta/coulda been contenders would have done something. The Flab 5 alliance was born of necessity, not desire, and could have been infiltrated or broken if the missing brainiacs had been all that effective.

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    I am enjoying this season, and think just the fact that people are getting so angry about the boot choices the men are making means that it's not totally "blah."

    I missed Season 1 survivor, and came in with Australia. I have never since enjoyed a season as much as I enjoyed the Outback. A big part of that was the Tina/Colby dynamic, the bitchiness off Jerri, the Elisabeth/Roger relationship, Elisabeth's overall sweetness, and then just the eye-candy that is Colby Donaldson. Or maybe it's just my favorite because it's the first one I ever saw. Every season struggles in the beginning, and I think most of us pick faavorites in the first episode (using whatever criteria) and then some seasons, your first-pick favorites (Colby, Elisabeth) make it far and you love that season. Sometimes, you pick someone (Brady) and they get the boot too soon and you're stuck picking a new favorite.

    I think this season does have a lot of potential. I know I have a lot of questions, theories, etc. I watch the show every week just to find out:

    What will happen with the "Flab Five"? Will their strategy work?

    Does Chad get an early merge boot to eliminate him as a "final two threat" or will he pull something and get to go on?

    What, if anything, will it take to make Eliza shut up?

    Is Bubba turning into another "Big Tom" type? I was moved by the tears.

    What will happen with Ami, the mediator/UTR queen?

    Why is Scout still around? (Don't get me wrong, I like her, she just seems like such an obvious boot choice.)

    Just because you don't like the way things are going doesn't mean the season (or the show) has lost something. We would know if Survivor ever became truly "blah" because none of us would waste our time posting about it.
    There's always one in every bunch.

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    i think they put in allot of puzzle things to give the woman a better chance. Last time they did men vs woman the woman lost every challenge, i think they may have been trying to make it more even. i think the challenges will probably be more physical when they mix the teams up and also when they get to the merge. Things shouls start getting more interesting this week.


    ps can anyone start a new thread here? Like an Episode 5 discussion or just a mod?

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    Each season I've tuned into (1, 2, some of 3, 8) has made me enjoy the show in some way. While ASS was run by Romber hearding sheep, I enjoyed the drama.

    I think I'm one of the few people who like Rich, both times he's been on Survivor. He really stood out as my favorite in season 1 because he was actually playing the game. There was Sue, Rudy and Kelly of course, each memoriable for their own reasons.
    Season 2, those who stuck out were Cody, Keith and Jerri (I thought). And in what I saw of season 3, the only person I really remembered when I thought back to it was Lex, and a bit of Big Tom.

    Why? They stuck out in an original fashion in some way. That's probably why Johnny Fairplay and Rupurt are so popular, original characters. There's none of that here, everyone seems to be, from the get-go, ready to 'play the game', down-to-business, and already voting out the seeds of the group. We no longer have the dynamic 'kids' of the group. Is that to say we're stuck with predictable old men and women, I don't know, but I think the fact that people have already been focusing on the game by taking out certain people is hurting the show (much like how Apex constintly losing in the Apprentice is hurting the show). Maybe it's the editing. Give us less drawn out challanges and more on the characters personalities.

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