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Thread: 10-07-04 Show Discussion *** SPOILERS***

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terev
    Hi y'all.. been a year since I've posted, but wanted to throw my guy's two cents in if I may...

    Just my opinion, but putting myself in the flab five's place, I think they are playing smart. You can complain that they are losing stronger players, but it is exactly those stronger players who they feel will take all the immunity challenges when the merge happens. They are assured of making the merge by sticking together until then at the very least, and then their chances are improved if there is no clear-cut strong young guy around to take all the challenges.

    And as for making it a boring show, I would think not one of them gives a flip about entertaining us. They want the money. And remember, even if you don't win, you get more than the person booted before you. Each council they survive, their paycheck gets bigger.

    And hi to everyone... nice board.

    That strategy is shortsighted. If you are playing against a tribe you would want to keep the strong players unless they become disruptive or a liability of some sort. You want strong players in your team so you can outnumber the other team come merge time. If the merge is near, that may be the time to boot off the strong players. The men have lost due to the inability of their weak players, i.e. Chris can't balance himself on a beam, Travis and the other chubby men cannot stay on the same space without falling off the beam, Rory just have no leadership or mental skills, etc. Fortunately for the older men, the women are doing the same thing except that the older women look more athletic. The men are doomed. Their only chance to win an IC are thru physical challenges that require strength and perhaps mental challenges. They do not have the agility, versatility, balance, speed, and stamina of the older women. If i were Sarge, it is time to ally with John K. and get rid of Rory. It seems that Rory and Chris have a personal alliance. I do not know where Travis and Chad stand but they seem to lean more towards Sarge. I hope the next reward challenge would require climbing a slippery pole.

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    yes but another thing wrong with this strategy is, you don't know for sure if your team members will want to pagong with you or go over to the other side

    i really don't think there is a right/wrong way to play this game, it mostly depends on the type of people you get dealth with....what worked for romber probably would not have worked for say thailand or even pearl islands...you just never know how one's strategy is gonna work

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    If the tribe is united, they will and should pagong (minus MB shakeups). If they are not united, or if there are some shifty players waiting to pounce, then they will not be able to pagong. But the ascent of the intra-tribal political game to starting on day 1 creates divisions in the tribes - usually along age lines - that prevent the kind of unity that is needed to create a the right conditions for pagonging.

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    I'll just say that keeping the physically strong players is a GREAT idea, if you are a physically strong player.

    If you're not, then... well, that means YOU are the one up for being kicked out. In that case, kicking out the weak players is a bad bad idea.

    I expect Chris, Rory and Travis know this very well, and quietly remind each other, and Lea, that they are NOT going to fall on anybodies sword for the Sake of the Tribe.

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