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Thread: Fantasy Game Episode 3 Recap

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    Fantasy Game Episode 3 Recap

    Well as promised a recap from last weeks Episode 3. I am sorry that it is so late. I went on a business trip to the Seattle area then my husband and I went to the coast to go salmon fishing. We got home a day late because I wanted to drive by Mount St. Helens because she has been erupting every day for the past week. What a weekend, it was a "blast"! So here we go...

    This weeks total possible points per player were:
    John K with 115
    Eliza with 50
    Brady, Chad, Chris, Lea, Rory and Travis with 10
    Ami, Julie, Leann, Lisa, Scout, and Twila with 0
    John P with -10 and
    Mia with -20

    Only bonus points that could have been earned are John K with 80 for being the first person asked questions at TC and Eliza having the first interview of the show.

    A recap of the survivors total points for the game are:

    Week 2 Week 3 Totals
    Ami 10 0 10
    Brady 50 10 60
    Brook N/A N/A N/A
    Chad 10 10 20
    Chris 50 10 60
    Dolly 3 N/A 3
    Eliza 35 50 85
    John K 10 115 125
    John P 10 -10 0
    Julie 10 0 10
    Lea 10 10 20
    Leann 10 0 10
    Lisa 10 0 10
    Mia 10 -20 -10
    Rory 20 10 30
    Scout 53 0 53
    Travis 50 10 60
    Twila 10 0 10

    The top overall individual team has a compined score of 330 pts, with the most possible points that could have been awarded being 225 if you got the bonus picks correct and the bonus question. The last spot on the Top 100 leaderboard had 245 combined pts. Again, I am sad to report I did not see our Tribe, FansofRealityTv, in the top 100, but we are soooo close. The top private tribe has a total of 1641 and the 100th place team has 1016. Our team totals 1016, only 2 points from breaking in to the top 100. Now that CBS is posting our points its not necessary to email me your scores but you still can if you want. Congrats to HelloKitty for topping our Tribe at 175 points and last week brusch led the tribe with 83 pts.

    I didn't get to watch Survivor Live with Richard, Chris, John K and Mia but thanks to Vonner I was able to obtain the secret bonus question answer for this coming week, it is "Dolly". Go to your teams page to enter the answer to get your bonus 40 points for next week.

    Some clues from the CBS website to next weeks episode are:
    1. Tempers flare at both camps after the double TC. Alliances seem clearly drawn and several survivors have trouble holding back thier frustration.

    2. The tribe that wins reward is surprised by a prize that sends a visitor to their camp for 24 hours.

    3. Homesickness plagues Bunna, who is conforted by a fellow tribe member and is advised to avoid being perceived as weak.

    4. One survivor plays a puppet master of sorts in an attempt to put one tribemate against another.

    Also HelloKitty emailed me the following with these observations...

    1. Brady goes fishing and the previews show him under water, so he should have
    at least one instance of "Goes in the Ocean--8 points.

    2. I did not notice any tree mail reading in the previews. Since teams are
    even, no one will be sitting out any challenges.

    3. If there is any crying, it will be on the Women's team. Also, Brook said in
    the Survivor Talk Show, that the men had eaten ALL their coconuts in the first 3
    days, so if there is any coconut chopping, it will also be women.

    4. The previews look like the women win the reward. I have no clue on who
    will win the immunity. But if the men do, I think JK or Brady will be out. If
    the women do, I think Eliza or Julie will be out.

    Well that is it for the Episode 3 recap. There is alot of spectulation checking all the different boards as to what is going to happen in Episode 4. Everything from a tribal reshuffle, to no Immunity Challange. Well just have to wait and see. Best of luck!


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    Thanks sassy! Lot's of info there. Don't you think we ought to put this in the fantasy league thread?? Just a thought.
    kitty-cats rule!

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