They showed a couple of clips and brief interviews with a few people. There wasn't anything new there.

They had a woman from TV Guide on who spent a couple of weeks on the set and she said the following:

Alex (who looks a lot like Jeff Probst - even Jeff thinks so) was immediately trying to take charge and boss people around . A classic Survivor mistake.

Daniel is kind of prissy - won't even use public restrooms.

Rob had never been camping

There won't be any special considerations made for Christy (who is hard of hearing). She is a little worried about not having an interpreter, but seems pretty determined.

Apparently the men's camp immediately started working on a shelter, weapons, supplies, etc., while the women's camp was bathing, washing their clothes (?), and braiding hair. Hmmm.

Oh boy, I see some potential for battle of the sexes, not just on the show but among the viewers. It's going to be like grade school boys vs. girls.