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Thread: How would you prepare?

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    How would you prepare?

    Every season as we, my hubs and friends, watch the beginning of Survivor we are all astounded as to why some of these people don't have a clue as to how to do some basic survival things.

    I have always thought if I applied and got even remotely past a first interview I would be doing all I could to find out how to do some things on an island.

    Make fire, practice with wet and dry conditions. Look up on the internet and see different kind of shelter building techniques.

    How about cooking different things, can't these people make it a little interesting.

    Also, I always get one of those travel type catalogs in the mail for the outdoors type. These catalogs have clothes with bug repellent built in that lasts for at least 20 washings or something. A warm type pullover that also converts into something else. Bunches of stuff. I just think I would make better use of what I was allowed to bring.

    Has anyone else thought of this? Does anyone know of some rules that forbid such clothing or practice?

    What specific things would you do to prepare to be a contestant on Survivor?

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    I've wondered about these things since Survivor was just a baby. I get a good hearty chuckle whenever i hear a contestant claim to have practiced making fire. yeah, but didja use wet wood? :rolleyes

    I'm sure that it is mandatory for the contestants to learn about island predators and non-edible plants. for safety purposes naturally. i'd want to find some nice herbs to spice up those maggoty plantains.

    Correct me if I'm wrong. But it seems to me that they haven't been allowed to bring pullovers or any change of clothes. At least for the last three seasons. It looks like they don't ever change their clothes.

    hey at least they got chickens on this island. For once it would be cool to see someone go frugal gourmet on the island. whipping up poached eggs with a side of bamboo.
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    If you couldn't bring a change of clothes then I would have on a great tank sports bra type thing instead of a bikini top and my shirt would be some sort of james bond type pull over that repels rain, is warm, and folds up into a pillow when not in use or something.

    I also wonder why do they always make their bed on the beach? Why not go Tarzan and make it up higher in the trees or something off the ground away from the sand fleas and water and stuff??

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    1) Get a bit fit.
    2) Learn to eat disgusting things like bugs.
    3) the Fire thingie
    4) Swimming practice
    5) Balancing practice
    6) Meditation, so I can walk away without getting into fights.
    7) If I had a fake foot, I'd make sure it was hollow to store things like matches, chocolate, water purifying pills, condoms, etc.

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    You'd think they'd research what plants and things are edible for the location but maybe they don't tell exact location once they are selected.

    The tree thing, How would they make something sturdy enough to hold all the weight? I believe they can only use materials they find on the land. Are they providing them tools and stuff now?

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    I agree that it would be a good idea to get into a lot better shape, research the plant life, and learn about fire skills. That said, look at this year's female contestants! I seriously think that if I were that thin, I would try really hard to gain five to seven pounds! I realize it would be super hard for any woman to think that way, but most of this year's women appear to be so slim that they might start getting weak if they lose even two or three pounds.
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    Actually, in a perverse way, it's a good idea to get un-fit - but not too much. You want to build up the fat so you'll have some energy reserves for the long haul, but not too much that you would be seen as someone weak. (Although the way Survivor has been trending lately, that would be a good thing as well.)

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    All good advice, may I add:
    1) at least learn to sleep on the ground in your own backyard
    2) go hungry for 48 hours to see what it's like
    3) go 24 hours without water
    4) and speaking of water, tank up as much as possible right up to the start of the game
    5) spend some time dispassionately debating something you feel strongly about with people who disagree with you
    6) if older (like me) get acquainted with the current top 40 and top ten TV shows
    7) knowing how a spear gun works sure seems to be a good idea
    8) go to a party and strike up conversations with people on the edge of the action
    9) play strategy games like RISK

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    That said, look at this year's female contestants! I seriously think that if I were that thin, I would try really hard to gain five to seven pounds! I realize it would be super hard for any woman to think that way, but most of this year's women appear to be so slim that they might start getting weak if they lose even two or three pounds.
    My daughter and I had this exact conversation last week. Thinking back to how thin most of the women get if they last long enough, these ladies look like they're going to be in real trouble. I'm all for staying fit and trim, but in a radical envirnment like Survivor, I would think having some stored fat would be a good idea. Remember how Heidi's fake boobs just sort of stared into our faces toward the end when she got so thin? If Eliza lasts long enough, I fear we're in for another creepy exhibition of silicone gone wild.
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    It seems to me even worse this season - if I judge the timeline right, we knew they were going to Vanuatu like last May or June. They didn't go until August. They should have been able to prepare specifically for their location, but don't seem to have.

    However, I'd say that John P. practiced up on starting fire, because the first day, he mentioned "trying it at home" or something.

    As for clothing, I have heard Survivors talk about the producers going through their clothes and selecting what they would take. So, you probably couldn't get anything too useful by them.

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