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Thread: Episode 3 TV and Web Promos (Potential Spoilers)

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    Episode 3 TV and Web Promos (Potential Spoilers)

    I have been looking at the Web and TV Promos for this weeks episode. This is what I have made out so far...

    In the only challenge (group/individual immunity) its first shows both men and women on the course. Then they show all the women sitting on a mat at the farside of this photo with all 8 men digging in the sand. From what I can make out this is the order of the men in their respective lanes working from the farthest away to the closest.

    Rory, Travis, JK, Lea, JP, Chad, Brady and Chris

    Can anyone else attempt to confirm my order...

    Now notice in this next picture, lane 4, who I believe to be JP is missing, presumed to be either ahead or running back for more rungs.

    However where I get all fowled up is the person shown running back for more rungs... is wearing a blue shirt and the person who is in lane 4 I think is shirtless...

    any ideas?

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    I don't think those photos are in time order. In the middle clip, the sand is so dug up on the whole track, and you can't see the straps that mark the lanes. But the last one, with someone running back, you can see them.

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    Whew, tough call...I can't tell anything.
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