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Thread: Who ought to go next?

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    Rory and John P. seem like nothing but trouble for the men. Getting rid of those two might help the rest unify rather than fight amongst themselves.

    Eliza needs to go too, there's only so much of her you can take (unless she manages to keep her mouth shut). The older group knows she will go back to the younger group now that Dolly is gone and give the younger group an advantage. Unfortunately I think she'll stick around a while, pushing others to the fringe of the group and voting them out.
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    Rory, because he is quite annoying and his personality seems to clash with a lot of his tribemates.

    As for the women, I have no idea because I don't like any of them... at least for now.
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    Based purely on how it will help the tribe in challenges...Bubba and Scout. Both have blew it or been a liability in most of the challenges.
    But I think Scout is someone who is well liked by all members of the girls and that helps keep spirits up so
    Rory will probably be the one to go.

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