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Thread: Who ought to go next?

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    Rory is the obvious boot for the men, but the picture is murkier for the women. I think Eliza is in a very good short-term position right now, because the youngers need her vote for at least two more tribal councils before they can contemplate exacting revenge, and the olders will want to keep her around for at least one more tribal council on the off-chance that they can swing her vote again. Of course, the obvious ploy for the olders is to persuade at least one of the youngers to vote with them to evict Eliza because of her betrayal, but I'm not certain that any of the youngers are quite that stupid.

    Of course, I'm not certain that any of the olders are quite that smart, either.

    In any case, I'll go out on a limb and say that one of the youngers besides Eliza will get the boot.

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    Uggh, I am not sure but some people annoy me. RORY for one.
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    I think Eliza is probably the safest woman in camp. She showed she knows how to deal with threats, and now both sides need her. I think Lisa or Twila are on the hot seat, as while Scout seems to be looked upon favorably by all, I cannot see Twila for example having that same clout.

    John P would be the obvious choice to me, but Rory and Brady have distanced themselves in different ways from the group. Usually that is deadly in this game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    I agree with Eliza and John P. They both drive me nuts. Rory is another one that needs to go.

    I will be surprised if Scout makes it farther, though. She seems to be a liability to the tribe.

    Dagwood - we are on the same page for sure. Can't believe Scout is still there - she is not an asset in the challenges.
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    I hate Rory.. so sadly, I'm sure he'll be around for a LONG time.

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    Well, if the guys had any sense at all.... Bubba.
    He has stuffed them up twice now in the challenges.
    But Lea seems to be protecting him for voting purposes.

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    For the men, John P followed by Rory
    On the women's side, I really can't stand Eliza.
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    eliza i would love to see her go. I have disliked her for the start. She is playing a bad game so far. First with voting of dolly and second switching aliences like that. She gave her word that she would not write down dollys name and what did she do. She betrayed her.

    For the men i would love to see Rory. He just really really anoyes me. Hes trying to be the leader figure but he is just not cut out for it.

    People should learn that when you have two different groups. usually the young vs the old whoever has more people will pick of the other group on by one. For example in survivor allstars the young members of the tribes started picking of the old right at the biggining.

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    Based soley on building the strength for the tribe, I would eliminate Scout from the women. I like her, but she is definitely a weak link physically and could prevent them from winning physical challenges. From a personality perspective I'd get rid of Eliza.

    On the men's side I think Rory needs to go. I agreed with Brady's call on that from ep 1.
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    ref guy
    Rory because he is annoying and not a strength in challenges.

    Eliza because she may not be needed by the older group and if they can hide that. The younger one will vote her due to betrayal. It could be a very good back stab.

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