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Thread: Christy Smith - Survivor 6 Contestant

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    I think Christy needs to stop feeling sorry for herself & step it up. She doesn't need anybody to hold her hand & walk her through things. She seems to be a really strong, capable person. But at this point, she's becoming her own worst enemy by isolating herself. I sincerely hope that's not the image we're left with at the end of the season. I want to see her turn it around.

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    I think she's in a dilemma. If she tells her tribemates that she didn't really understand what was agreed on the last meeting, they'll see her as a liability and want to get rid of her. If she doesn't tell her tribemates that she didn't really understand what was agreed on the last meeting, she'll be left with not knowing what to do, and again regarded as a liablity. I suppose she put herself in that position when going on Survivor. Though i do remember reading something about her going on survivor not for the million dollar prize as much as for raising awareness for the deaf.
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    i'm rooting for christy.. she just stole my heart away...

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    Not an auspicious start for her... I've got a feeling she might be an early boot, unless Jaburu's version of Foodgate makes someone else an obvious target.

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    I think she might have to confide in one person and let them know that she is having trouble.
    She can't allow things to go on as they are as she will, I'm sure be seen as a liability.

    I agree with you Leo. She is looking like an early boot choice (unfortunately imo) but the food thing could save her.
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    i liked christy. i felt for her, but you know, when she was about to break down, she was in confessional, so none of the other tribemates saw her. definite bonus. yeah, i think she's in a harder position than the other girls in that they are ALL out of their elements, but they have the ability to bond much more easily through conversation. unless they are all sitting in a circle facing one another when they speak, she will definitely miss out.

    i was very appreciative when deena (was it deena? the DA, whatever her name was) actually acted naturally around her. you could see that look of relief and appreciation on christy's face. like, awww, finally. a friend.

    i hope she stays around long enough to show us what she can do.
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    Hi everybody,

    I am really do understand how Christy Smith felt at night. I have the same feeling for being left out when I hang out with my hearing friends. I know that they dont mean leave me out..its just something I can understand what Christy is going through and how she feels. Yes like she said its an everyday struggle.

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    she should get more woods and get big fire which she can see their lips so she will know whats goin what they say
    or her Luxury Item , she should bring a flashlight or whatever!!
    I know that DEAFIES or Hard of Hearing must have something wiht light for night, which they can see their sign langugue or their lips

    dont forget about Aspen Camp that she works . so she should knows but maybe christy had a Strategy something with it, i dunno... what do u think?

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    I agree with theateam2, it's not that they left Christy out deliberately, but more likely that they forgot. Either way, Christy must find someway to integrate herself back into the group. I really like her, she's genuine, so I hope she goes far in the game.

    rbk3, no offense or anything, but is it correct to refer to them as 'deafies'? I ran it through yahoo and there are sites that use that word, but it does not sound nice.
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    What an episode! It was actually good! Hopefully it will be better than the last one which in my opinion wasn't that great! Love how Christy is partly deaf, I think its so amazing! I don't understand why she is being left out though. I just wouldn't leave anyone out ...??? Too bad Ryan is gone. St-oo-pid guy but great eye candy. And EW sorry but how come Rob thinks Heidi is hott?? I'm a bit confused there! But man Dave! Alrite! He rawks! :rolleyes:

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