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Thread: Christy Smith - Survivor 6 Contestant

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    She didn't seem to be fake-gagging. I believe she really had difficulty swallowing the grasshopper and the beetles, her face went red with choking.

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    Hi Jaymee Fox *wave* That was fun, watching Survivor together.
    It was interesting to see Christy being neutral, like she is not trying too hard to be leader or trying to not do anything stupid. She's letting everyone bicker about the stronger ppl!

    About the eating challenge, I postively thought that I would have done the same thing, gagging when trying to eat such things... Fear Factor is different story, because I think that the contestants are much more prepared for it on Fear Factor. But you have to give everyone credit for trying to eat these insects... wow...

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    "grins" I was in a hurry typing this before I head to class. I want to point out something.... but first of all I do give Christy the credit to sit back and mind her own business. That is how I am. heh.

    AH yes. the person said earlier : DeafChulo = I'm wondering whether Christy is gagging for real with these bugs in her mouth or is she playing mind tricks to make others feeling uneasy? I can't really tell cuz she seems to take them all at the second round. the final round with that squirming one make me shivering... yuck! Matt swallowed it whole...

    Of course she doesn't have to gag the 2nd round because it was swallow kind... Get it? she chews she gags. she swallow she doesn't

    Okay i just had lunch and this is not appealing for me to type. *ends the discussion*

    *waves bye bye for now*

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    Alrighty then! She had me gagging as well as I watched that part. Yuck. LOL. Brave of her to eat these and I'm still recovering from the sight of Matt swallowing that squirming thingy. Didn't even bother to put it out of mercy. *gagging*
    Huh? Oh, you talkin' to me? Sorry, I didn't hear you.

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    I wonder, if a person is deaf, his four other senses picks up more.
    So, feeling is an important thing for a deaf person, very sensitive to vibrations and textures. I guess, when the other hearing Survivors seems to have no problems eating insects, Christy was probably shocked with the texture and feeling of insects in her mouth? I really don't know. I have often tasted things and felt things in food that my hearing friends would never think about it until I mentioned it to them.

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    Interesting point, kuifje. I hadn't read this before posting a question to you in the "closest to death" thread. Feel free to wander over there, at your leisure. It's a question in re sensing vibrations as a deaf person.

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    Where's that question at? I can't seem to find that thread...? Please gimme the link

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    I always figured she didn't wear it (her hearing aid) too often due to the fact that it would make her have to listen to all of the bugs and people crunching things with their feet. That would get pretty annoying, as well as distracting!

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    welll, myself i am deaf..

    I do wear hearing aids, but one of you posted that it not good to wear when it sweaty or hot..
    It not true, it can be worn anywhere but have to be consider safe. Swiming would kinda ruin it becuase it like a computer digital aids.

    Im not like Christy, I dont read lips very well or hear at all.

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    forget to add this.. Yes the hearing aids can be distracting.

    I dont know how Christy does her ways. She must be really comfortable with them

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