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Thread: Men v's women a myth?

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    Men v's women a myth?

    From the NY Daily Times

    'Survivor' Won't Pit Men Against Women
    By Donna Petrozzella

    Though "Survivor" Web sites have been abuzz with speculation about changes to the show, producer Mark Burnett yesterday denied one rumor -- that he had grouped this season's castaways into separate male and female tribes.

    "The first five to eight minutes are a very new beginning for the show; that includes the makeup of the tribes and how they're chosen," Burnett said yesterday. "But in fact, the tribes are not split down gender lines."

    Some fans had presumed that the show's new twist -- as highlighted in CBs promos this month -- could involve dividing the 16 contestants into male-only and female-only tribes.
    CBS' "Survivor: Thailand" launches tomorrow at 8pmEST.

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    He says the tribes aren't split down gender lines, and that's probably correct. BUT, I have to lean toward LG's theory, that they spend the first day as a group of 16, and the challenge is men versus women, and that defines the team makeup somehow.


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