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Thread: A Final Snoop Around

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    A Final Snoop Around

    The final snoop around

    "Right out of the gate, something very, very different is going to happen," promises executive producer Mark Burnett and with that we all say in unison This version initially begins with all-male and all-female tribes,( thats been repeated ad nauseum.) I found this interesting quote though "Burnett won't talk , Obviously, he's trying to outwit his fans -- and the "spoiler" Web sites"- Markie we are so flattered you think of us. and because of that - 'Unlike the four previous "Survivors," CBS wouldn't provide preview tapes to TV critics, or reveal the names for the two tribes.'

    Well we know about the names darlin , your minions didn't edit out the flag for "Sook-Jai", and our old friend Sue Hawk, couldn't keep her trap shut and spilled the other, "Chuay Gahn" , but nice try.
    We're changing the order of things," says Burnett, a master showman who can say a lot without really saying anything. "You'll find it's not what it used to be -- so predictable."
    Personal note the only thing that ever happened remotely shocking was watching Skupin take a dive in the fire, we already knew he was burned weeks before , just didn't know how or when, and yes the first twist

    Viewers will see new challenges. - Well we've already heard about the full contact survivor ep, all we want to know is who gets taken down Markie or Jeff.
    "I'm making a TV show for 20 million people a week to watch," he says. "We have that core audience -- no matter who's on 'Friends'"
    Finally ,Markie has noticed there is another show on Thursday, too bad everyone knows the big fight is ep 3 so they can tune into Friends premiere ep2 night
    We know now the order of "everything" has changed, so we don't even expect fan fav gross food challenge that night. We know there still is one, because Jed has told his buds he had to eat "snails or something," We just don't expect it on the same ep.

    "On a day to day basis, they don't know what to expect," Burnett claims. "One day we might do the reward challenge, immunity challenge and tribal council all in one day."
    Ok thats not giving away much Markie. We can expect at least one ep that has them sitting around all day wondering "sup", and the next day they do all three :rolleyes -very surprising and original.

    The castaways go long stretches without receiving any "tree mail," the rhyming messages from Burnett's staff informing them about competitions. "They start to freak out and wonder. 'What's going on? Have they forgotten about us?' "
    Yes they spent aproximately 25,000 per cast member to bring you to a remote location and leave a 15 member sound and video crew around 24/7. I'm sure they will think you've "forgotten about them". This crew has had the luxury of viewing all 4 previous versions of Survivor, and Jeffy describes them as very saavy, but they really will think you've forgotten about them.

    Mark says. "I really love the game. I want people playing the game. It may be in tough conditions, they may be cold
    Tarutao has 115-degree heat, 90 percent humidity during their time there . I don't think quite think of that as cold , being from the great white north
    and hungry,
    well I'll give you that one , but there's no surprise this time when they open up the box and find no rice

    The cast also enjoyed ,deadly 14-foot king cobra snakes, interminable monsoons and the nasty dengue fever from mosquito bites causing rashes, fevers, sweating, vomiting, headaches and paralyzing joint pain.Markie did apparently loose quite a few crew members from mosquito bourne disease. However Mark, since we have our own little West Nile problem , I think it takes away from the adventure.I can go to a backyard BBQ and get the same type thing.
    The crew had another little problem , with production though,on Ko Tarutao (Ko means island in Thai), the bugs are so loud they first thought their noise was feedback from a network of loudspeakers set up for the taping.
    Other fun crew conditions that lead to their coming back "glum" The rudimentary showers - which frequently would simply stop while some poor cameraman was covered with soap were adequate. Drying off afterward ,was impossible because of the humidity.They had to make sure they were covered in gooey white insect repellent , which made the whole shower thing pointless. Many long-timers on the production crew basically gave up washing ,and just slapped on more deodorant every now and then.Toilet facilities were unmentionable- and this is the crew.......

    "Survivor 5's" lush jungle setting ( ::::cough Marquesas , not new Cough:::and attractive collection of sexy hard bodies - well Mark until all 16 look like Erin and Jed , can't quite say that now can we.

    Burnett conceded that "the weather was certainly a factor. There were hard storms. ... And it seems like it was 100 degrees, even at midnight. It was stifling." ( Uh Markie I thought you just told us they were cold Keep your story straight)
    Then he hastens to add that he just doesn't pick the prettiest people from CBS' estimated 50,000 applicants. "You can't get three months of riveting TV with only pretty faces," he says. "If they can't speak, I'm dead."
    ( Yes all of the men will be waiting for Tanya & co to speak, and all of the ladies will be hanging on Brian & co's every word and not looking at all) .

    Six of the 16 have Texas ties -- four live in the Lone Star state, and another two were born there. Two each are from New York and Louisiana; none are from the Midwest. Half of the cast is age 23-30; half is 33-60. There are two black Americans and one Asian American.
    There's that diversity Mark, can't you pick your mostly white crew from at least each of the 50 states ? ( Don't get me wrong I love Texas)
    The ages of contestants ranges from 24-year-old Robb , our token bartender to Jake, at age 61. You'd think that looks diversified, but it averages out to most in their thirties.

    Burnett says "every person has a lot of complex characteristics." His formula, though, never varies. He mixes together strong-willed control freaks, turns up the heat, and watches them boil over. - It's either one or the other Mark
    "It's always very interesting how it evolves," he says. "After five series, you'd think I'd be bored -- but I'm not."
    We aren't either , just don't try and make us believe it's going to be all that different , cause it ticks us off to keep hearing the same marketing drivel.

    Promises have been made that this edition of Survivor will be unlike any other. The promos have been running for weeks: "All the rules have changed." "A whole new format-a brand new game." "If you thought you knew how this game is played, get ready."
    In a recent interview on The Early Show on CBS, Jeff, states that "everything’s different."-
    (Uh yeah Ok I'll bite)

    Tribal council, is at least, gorgeous and different . They went all out on it for sure. The torches as well are quite ornate , not your usual faux tribal deal, but beautifully hand crafted.

    Sue Hawk does have an amusing take on her visit to Thailand unlike Markie's
    "I wished I was dead," said Hawk, who had come to Tarutao to cover Survivor: Thailand for the TV Guide Channel. I was the only print reporter.We were constantly shepherded by vigilant publicists, eager to get the word out about Survivor's wonderful fifth installment, but anxious to make sure nobody discovered any of their little "secrets," such as the supposedly revolutionary way that the teams were selected this time; the palatial digs of executive producer Mark Burnett, removed from the tent city occupied by the horde of underlings - that sort of thing. Not that anybody would tell anything to ruin surprises for the viewers. We had already signed our lives away promising not to do that.

    One crew member did have health problems ,a producer sweated so much without drinking enough water that her kidneys shut down, and she had to be helicoptered back to civilization.
    There must be behind the scenes action on water supply, as we saw in Africa, this does not make good TV with those dry filthy castmates.

    Jeff's take on S5 ? A recent interview-

    "Everyone was your best friend, so you couldn't trust anybody," he said. "It was harder to form alliances and true friendships. The people were more aware that this is a game."

    "There is one person I think will be compared to Richard Hatch," Probst said, referring to the devious first winner of "Survivor." He wouldn't say the contestant's name.

    "There's definitely a couple people playing the game in a dark way," he said.

    "I think the key to 'Survivor' is adaptability. You have to be adaptable," Probst said. "Sometimes the key is to lose the immunity challenges."

    That's one of the things Hatch did to win the first game.

    "It's not about integrity; it's about the game," Probst said. "When I need to, I'll stab you in the back."

    In Thailand, he said, "they played a lot smarter. I didn't see them making some of the same mistakes." It's important to eliminate emotions, he said.

    Contestants no longer are playing so much to become celebrities, Probst said. ( Note- too bad Gabe wasn't on this one , he got slagged for that view last time)

    Players in previous "Survivor" games have used their sudden TV fame to get movie and TV roles.( Yes Jerri is now a mega star )

    Today, just the "Survivor" experience is enough, he said. "There's something about the adventure. Where else will someone pay for a $21 million adventure for you?"

    Well that about sums it up , I'm exhausted from waiting with bated breathe for all this new stuff .
    The only other remotely intersting thing I found out was again about our porn star- He locked himself in the house for a few days when Smashing Pumpkins broke up - Deep stuff .
    Get on with it will ya , and make sure I want to tape Friends and watch Survivor rather than the other way around.
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    right behind you
    Great article eny! loved hearing you rip apart ol burnett there! And I actually have nothing against the man
    "Rice is great when you're hungry and want 2,000 of something' -- Mitch Hedberg

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    Great Eny,
    you seem to have quite a handle on Burnett.
    He isn't fooling you for a second.

    Really excellent stuff.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Love it Love it Love it. Great job Eny!

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