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Thread: Number of Episodes

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    Number of Episodes

    Once again, I am planning on recording the upcoming season of Survivor on VHS for posterity. As a result, I am trying to nail down exactly how many hours of broadcast material we will be presented with this year. My best guess thusfar is:

    Premiere Episode: 2 hours
    Thirteen 1-hour Episodes: 13 hours
    Finale Episode: 2 hours
    Reunion Episode: 1 hour
    Rec(r)ap Episode: 1 hour

    Total: 19 hours

    This assumes a 15 episode season (as per "All-Stars" because of the extra two castaways) and no other episodes that run over one hour in length.

    Can anyone out there confirm these numbers? Has a broadcast schedule for all episodes been released?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can't confirm myself, but posts like these make me happy for my TiVo!

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