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Thread: NY Daily News article- may contain spoilers

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    I think the contestants are older this season, than in Amazon, aren't they? So, maybe a bit less of the "pretty young girls" stuff with no 21 year olds?

    I wondered if one from each tribe is voted off first, then they mix it up - so they could "try" to follow the custom of women following men with even tribes...

    I also vote for no recrap episode!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Jeff says the coral cuts the skin, it gets infected, flies lay eggs and then 'it sort of blows up'. Anyone else a bit concerned about this?
    YIKES!!! Cause the only way Jeff knows that is if it actually happened to someone. I literally makes my skin crawl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceiling
    I find this encouraging - hopefully they'll be a good group of people to watch. For me, the tribe dynamics makes the show!
    I hope your right. But every season, Jeff will say 'this is the best season yet, we have a great cast, blah, blah, blah.' He even said that about Thailand and All-Stars, so he's probably obligated to. I mean, what's he supposed to say? This is the most boring group of people and the worst season ever? That'd really want to make me tune in.

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