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Thread: Twila Tanner

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    Twila Tanner


    Age 41
    Occupation Highway Repair
    Home Town Marshall, MO

    Twila Tanner was born in Osceola, Iowa, where she lived for 11 years. She eventually moved to Missouri, where she attended Marshall High School. She currently works full time for the Missouri Department of Transportation doing highway repair. She also works part-time as a custodian for Marshall Public Schools and on the weekends for Brown Construction of Gilliam, Mississippi, running heavy equipment.

    Tanner describes herself as hardworking, problem-solving and a good friend who enjoys riding motorcycles, horseback riding and mushroom hunting when she can find the time. She says her greatest accomplishment was being a single mom and raising her son, James, 23, who spent three years in the US Navy working in aviation hydraulics. Her hero is John Wayne, because "he always held his head high and never took crap from anyone," she says. Tanner's main motivation to be on SURVIVOR:VANUATU is for the challenge, while her secondary motivation is the money. She says she could be the Sole Survivor because she is "strong-willed and determined to make a better life" for herself, and possibly give her son "a jump-start in life."

    Tanner currently resides in Marshall, Missouri. Her birth date is October 12, 1962.
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    Definitely filling the Sue/Debb/Deena/Patricia role. I can't imagine her winning, and she will probably be booted early if she rubs the young people the wrong way.

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    unless she pulls a Lillian. Hopefully no outcast twist! She will be booted early by the younger people!

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    mushroom hunting ?

    I'm with scooberoo, she seems a lot like some of the other early boot women.
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    I think her future in the game depends on the make up of her tribe. If she really is hardworking and a problem solver, I don't see her being booted early at all.
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    In this photo, she does not look 41. I don't know what to think. She might get booted early if she doesn't fit in with the younger dynamics of the tribe. And if she is a hard worker, and starts complaining and ordering her tribemates around, she's a shoo in to get to loser lodge by the third eviction. I like her, but I don't think she'll be around long enough for me to get an opinion of her.

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    She looks like the type of gal you could swig a couple of beers with. Seems good to go with me.
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    Been a while since we've had a "good ol' girl" type (as opposed to a "good ol' boy". That's what it looks like they aiming for (although Yeah, I know that Iowa isn't a traditional starting place for someone filling that role--in truth, neither is most of Missouri).

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    Good vibes from her. Maybe I am just biased, being a single mom, too.
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