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Thread: Twila Tanner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaaam
    I'm just an average dyke with an average life
    I work from tribe to tribe, hey hell I pay the price
    But I want is to be left alone in my tribal home
    But why do I always feel like I'm in the TwilaZone

    I always feel like somebody's braiding my hair
    Who's playing tricks on me
    I always feel like somebody's braiding my hair

    eta: goes to the song...Rockwell-"Somebodys Watching Me"

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    You know, I understand it completely when Twila says she doesn't really know how to talk with the sorority girls. I'm not an all hair and nails kind of girl either.
    I thought it was hilarious as Mia is getting kicked out, she's saying Twila doesn't have the "social skills" to last. Let's see, Twila... 5 votes, Mia... 3! Seems like Twila's social skills are good enough!! :rolleyes

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    I like Twyla, who I can't stand is Rory.
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    I love Twila and her spicy attitude!!! All she needs to do is to cut down on using the word b**** and she will be fine!!!
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    I didn't really like her at first but I'm starting to come around. The younger girls, who could have kept a majority had they been smart about it, seem to be self-destructing. If Leann and Ami stay aboard, Twila and Scout seem to be locks to make a merge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh
    I can't see Twila being one of the girly girls. she doesn't need to be either. She's fine just being herself. I like her a lot.
    I think so too, I'm not suggesting that Twila change, just ease up on the 'younguns' just a tiny bit. I work with 85 men and I'm the only female at my job , and when I get around a bunch of women who don't know me, I have to 'watch it' just a tee-tiny bit. (although I don't think I present quite as hardassed as Twyla...she is as the old folks say "rough as a cob") I don't try to do a 180 and totally change my personality, but I do bear in mind that I don't have to stay 100%in the Ms. Blue Collar mode either, they same way that a nurse or dentist doesn't have to be super uptight professional when they aren't at work. Twila might not be there to make friends, but this is a game that involves some social skills so she needs to find something in common with these people, no matter how small. Just working your ass off is unfortunately not enough, and I'd like for Twyla to be around for a while.

    **R/e the above 'southernism'*** "Rough as a cob" refers to the corncobs that used to be saved for use in the outhouse, in the event you were so poor that you didn't even get a Sears catalog!
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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71
    Lisa & Amy both put their vote to Mia, & LeAnn, Scout, & Twila voted as a block for Mia.

    Amy was always part of the older contingent. She voted with LeAnn, Scout & Twila when they dumped Dolly, too.

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    Best quote of the night was after her fight with Mia " I'll kick that scrawny bi****es A**. And I have no doubt she would have if possible. I was waiting to see if she would be the first survivor ever kicked out for hitting someone else. They might be able to braid her hair but they'll never be able to fork her tongue, she will tell it exactly as she sees it, no holds barred.

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    I would have laughed if she really would have kicked Mia's ass.

    The good news is, we don't have to deal with Mia's mouth anymore.
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    Twila is my favorite because she's not fake

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