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Thread: Twila Tanner

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    Quote Originally Posted by belvedeere
    A bunch of people have said she doesn't look 41. Do you think she looks older or younger?
    When I first saw her photo, she didn't look 41. But I think she looks around there.

    Don't like her. I don't completely hate her, but I have a feeling she's going to stick around a lot longer than I originally thought.

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    I like Twila; she kind of reminds me of myself so far as working with a bunch of men and also the 'tell it like it is' attitude. But, I know Twila will probably have a hard time because a lot of the women don't 'get' her personality, and the men won't be much better because they are not the guys she works with who are used to her ways. I think it would help a lot if Twila listens to Amy's advice and tries to remember what it's like to be a little younger and sillier.
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    I noticed that Twila dragged back all 3 of the keys during the challenge but did not use that accomplishment to boast on when at tribal council.She is hard working and a team player when it counts.Just because she doesn't ask the "nits wits" to braid her hair, or pluck her eye brows makes her a threat?.Give me a f- ing break. I think/hope she will push on farther than most would expect because she is original, down to earth,non silicone competitor.

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    Twila is definitely my favorite this season. She's hardworking, doesn't take crap from anyone, brutally honest when discussing herself as well as others, and extremely funny. She's a very entertaining and likable woman. I'm still not convinced that she has the streetsmarts and people skills to win, but I am definitely rooting for her (and I do think that she'll go far).

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    I do, too, Thonolan. For all the reasons you stated. I don't doubt she feels like a bit of an outsider around all the gals" - probably always has. But, as it turns out out she is in the strongest alliance on her team after all. I'm hoping she holds on until the merge (and she should, with her work ethic and no BS attitude, in my opinion) and hooks up in an alliance with some of the "older" guys, who possibly won't see her as a threat.
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    I want her to stay too. I like her no-nonsense style. I was so glad Mia got it last night & not Twila! haha!

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    I can't wait to see her with her hair French-braided and sporting some lip gloss next week.
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    I'm liking Twila so far, particularly contrasted with the nightmare that manifested itself in the form of Mia.

    Mia appeared to me to go to lengths in attempting to bait Twila in a manner that seemed unjustified, IMO, and Twila didn't fall into the trap that Mia was attempting to craft. Instead, it was Mia that went overboard in the manner that she'd hoped that Twila would.

    During the Tribal Council remarks that Mia was taking Twila to task over, I didn't hear the denigrating comments that Mia apparently heard. While Twila indicated that she and some others worked in responce to Jeff's questioning, she also indicated that the delicate exfoliating crowd had done their share as well.

    Twila appears to me to be accepting of the others slacking ways so long as they allow her to do her thing, which is just being a productive member of the tribe.

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    Mia got on my last nerve, but I'm not that crazy about Twila, either. I thought her attitude at TC last night was a weak attempt to ingraciate herself with the younger girls. The hard-bit, tough posturing is as equally annoying to me as the nitwit youngsters. Give me the mellow old hippie Scout anyday.
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    The "younger" girls looked shocked when Mia got the boot. Who voted for her to go?

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