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Thread: Twila Tanner

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    Nice job Twila!!!! I wasn't ready to see you leave at all. And now I don't have to thanks to your brillant move to oust Leann. Congratulations once again and I hope you win it all!!!
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    I'm also starting to root for Twila.
    And since she wanted somebody else to type for her when she thought she was going to be sending an email to her family, I really got the distinct impression that she is illiterate and has been hiding it her whole life.

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    getreal, you seems to be neglecting the fact that she was writing with pad and paper in the very next segment of the challenge (though admittedly failing miserably at remembering any of it.)

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    Congrats big time to Twila!
    She did what we scream at people all the time to do... she broke thru her personal likes and dislikes. Thought carefully about her place in the group and acted smartly on it.

    BEST move in several seasons.

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    thank you twila for making the show exciting again

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtremist
    Twila went from 'nothing' to 'wow' in my books. I feel that the move to boot Leann was awesome, leading to finally some excitement in the show. She is finally playing the game.
    I admit that I was rather dissapointed in Twils's gameplay during the last two or three weeks. But yeah, she finally made her move, and it was a really good one. It make me think that she was just biding her time and waiting for the right moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotuslander
    I think Scout planned that move though, and was shrewd enough to have Twila execute it. LeeAnne and Ami's days were numbered when they revealed the pecking order and final four to Scout.
    I totally agree...Scout is the one in control there. But, Twila and Scout are TIGHT! They have had a 2-person alliance from the start, I'm just a little confused why Scout didn't pick her to be on her team when they had the shuffle?????
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    Scout divided the teams and Sarge picked the one with Twila in it, Scout didn't choose to separate herself from Twila.

    I would be happy if Twila won this thang.

    Assuming the SETC alliance was Twila's concept, as the episode made it look, she really chose the PERFECT time to pop it out. Ami, Leann, and Julie were totally blind-sided. If SETC holds, Ami and Julie are in DEEP trouble, because they need to win over not one, but TWO people for a majority again. I wouldn't be surprised to see Julie work her way in and take Chris's place, since the other 3 probably all know he would absolutely win a tribal council vote and is likely to win physical immunity challenges.
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    shes starting to really piss me off...chose a side sweetheart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by E-Daddy
    Nice job Twila!!!! I wasn't ready to see you leave at all. And now I don't have to thanks to your brillant move to oust Leann. Congratulations once again and I hope you win it all!!!
    I agree 100%

    In my opinion she is playing the same game that Kathy played in S4, and that got Kathy to the final 3.

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