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Thread: Lisa Keiffer

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    Lisa Keiffer


    Age 44
    Occupation Real Estate Agent
    Home Town New Orleans, LA

    Lisa Keiffer was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. She considers herself a true Cajun, thanks to the French influence of her mother, who grew up on the Louisiana bayou.

    Keiffer attended Louisiana State University for three years, where she was an LSU cheerleader for both football and basketball. She was a member of the Homecoming Court for two consecutive years and was elected Alpha Tau Omega's "Mardi Gras Queen." She participated in the 1981 National Collegiate Cheerleading Championship and cheered at the 1981 NCAA Final Four Basketball Tournament in Philadelphia. She then went on to finish college at Loyola University in New Orleans where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications.

    Keiffer was employed for 10 years as a pharmaceutical sales representative. She enjoys tennis, antique shopping, cooking and homemade soap making. She has also acted in community theater and directed dramas at her church, Trinity Evangelical Free, for the past ten years.

    Born-again Christians, Keiffer and her husband, Thomas, currently live outside New Orleans on the " Northshore" in Mandeville, Louisiana, along with five of their six children (Nate, 22; Callie, 14, and Rachel, 13 ( Keiffer's stepdaughters); TK, 8; Charley, 7; and Nicholas, 5). They also have a goat (Waddles), a dog (Murray) and a miniature donkey (Dexter). Keiffer's birth date is May 3, 1960.
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    They showed her on the Early Show, and she has the hugest boob job I ever saw. I highly doubt that Lisa is going to be filling the sweet motherly role anytime soon. Reminds me of the ever so snooty Tammy Nakamura from Trading Spouses.

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    I don't know about her. If being a "true Cajun" means an unintelligible accent, we're in for a long season.
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    After having six kids , she deserves a Boob job, she probably had none left.
    I hope she does well.

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    So she's an alternative soccer mom instead of the natural down to earth soccer mom's like Tina and Gretchen. I like her, although I'm not sure she'll last long.

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    I'm not sure why, but I smell a beyotch.

    Ah, well. We shall see.

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    A combo former beauty queen/born-again Christian with 6 kids. I have no idea what I'm going to think of her.

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    Thanks, fluff for providing the bios and opening up the forum.

    There's something about Lisa that shouts out to me "first one voted off"

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    I am thinking this may be the perky one.
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