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Thread: John Kenney

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    Another photo!

    Found somewhere?
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    I like him from his bio.

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    He does have a kind of cool job..............but he seems to me like the type who just wants his 15 minutes of fame.Plus,I get a an annoying jerk vibe from him.

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    I have to remind myself there are all sorts of different model types. I see nothing at all attractive about John, so he must be modeling for another reason. White boy modeling in Korea? I'd like to hear the story there.

    While others seems like they are too accomplished, John appears to bring balance into the game by seeming under accomplished.

    I can see him expressing the same sort of heebie jeebies as Osten did at creepy crawly things in the night.

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    Okay, this guy is my MVP for fantasy sv this season. After reading his bio I hope he is not fluffing too much because if he is, in fact, warm..friendly..and can read people well, he is a shoe in going forward. People seem to love good looking people that can also be friendly. (see: Drew BB5)

    My rationale will be out the window if he is gay though...hrm.
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    Well, I think he's the best looking guy. I hope he's not gay. I guess we'll be able to figure it out more on the show. If he's anything like the guys from S6, he'll be drooling over one of the girls...Julie, Eliza, Mia, Dolly...etc etc etc.

    I do hope he wasn't casted onto the show. They could've found a hotter guy among those 65,00 apps.

    Otherwise, he sounds kinda like Drew from BB so I guess we'll see.

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    Who knew there were saddle ranch bars with mechanical bulls in LA? He reminds me of Skinny Ryan. I suspect we'll hear some whining, but he looks sweet, so maybe everyone will love him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    You're going down, hair-gel boy.

    That was good.
    Before even knowing this guy, I get a "schemer" vibe from him. I don't know why... probably because he didn't mention the Bruins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    Hmm, not sure that his job will be much of an asset here.
    He's had a number of different jobs, no doubt while he was waiting for his big break.
    He probably sees Survivor as that, I wish they wouldn't select people who are trying to use the show as a stepping stone.

    Snap judgement from me there, I hope I'm wrong and he's come to play the game not showcase himself.
    The wannabe Hollywood types are the ones who provide drama, because they know it'll give them more camera time. I think TPTB could care less what a person's motives are for being on the show. As long as it brings in ratings, they're happy. Personally, I'd rather see contestants who actually took the time to apply and want to be on the show, and could care less about a career in Hollywood (one of the reasons BB has gone down hill for me.)

    I'm not getting the gay vibe, but defiantly a metrosexual vibe. One of my friends said (about his sports background) he reminds her of the kids who wanted to be a jock so badly, and they'd be benched the whole season, but would make it out like they were the star player. I'm not saying he's lying, but he doesn't look very athletic to me. Looking over the 17 other contestants photos, I'm not getting a vibe from anyone who would team up with him. Maybe not the first boot, because there are some of the guys who might come across as obnoxious and bossy, but I doubt he'll see the merge.

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    I saw this guy on E.T. and immediatley made him my favorite. He didn't seem one bit gay, btw.

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