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Thread: Chad Crittenden

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    Chad Crittenden


    Age 35
    Occupation Teacher
    Home Town Oakland, CA

    James "Chad" Crittenden was born on a military base in Oceanside, California. Growing up in Half Moon Bay, California, he discovered a love of sports and the outdoors, particularly soccer and fishing.

    Crittenden attended Half Moon Bay High School, where he participated in many sports (soccer, tennis, bowling, fishing, running, mountain biking) as he pursued a collegiate future.

    After high school, Crittenden decided to work at a local community college before pursuing studies at the University of California at Davis, majoring in International Relations with an emphasis on world resources, the environment and Spanish. Upon graduation, he accepted summer day-care jobs that ultimately led him to an after-school tutoring program. From there, he accepted an offer to head a new bilingual tutoring program in San Jose. Two years later, an internship where he taught a bilingual second grade class launched his career.

    After two years teaching in San Jose, Crittenden accepted a teaching contract in San Salvador, El Salvador, where he met his wife, Dyann. Upon returning to the US, Crittenden and his family settled in the San Francisco Bay area. They have two children, Clara (3) and Trevor (4 months).

    About one and a half years ago, Crittenden went to the doctor to have a lump on the bottom of his foot removed and discovered find it was a cancerous tumor. Synovial Sarcoma is a rare and deadly form of cancer (comprising less than one percent of all cancers) and amputation was necessary just below the knee. His recovery was miraculously quick, and he completed a triathlon nine months after the surgery. After many prostheses and much development, he feels that he has almost reached his post-surgery potential. Crittenden has been cancer-free for almost two years and has decided to take a leave of absence to be a full-time dad, which he has been planning for some time. He looks forward to the adventure.

    Crittenden's birth date is August 8, 1969.
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    I'm rooting for this guy! But if his tribe loses early, i am almost sure he will be voted off. Too bad

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    Chris will be the sentimental favorite, but his disability is really going to do nothing but hurt him. People don't tend to be that sympathetic toward disabled people on this show, they are there to look out for themselves. Christy got treated pretty badly in the Amazon, but she did manage to make sixth place.

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    I like this guy! I think he is the one that Jiffy Pop described as 'a person who makes you realize you can do anything you want to in life' or something so maybe he goes far. Go Chad!

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    Hard to tell from this picture... but also potential eyecandy.

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    Kinda cute. I think I am going to be rooting for him.
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    Alright! A Bay Area guy and a soccer player! Go Chad! But what's with the hat? Why do people always wear hats in these things?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    Alright! A Bay Area guy and a soccer player! Go Chad! But what's with the hat? Why do people always wear hats in these things?
    If you're outside all day everday it's an absolute necessity! Your skin would be completely burnt up without it!, especially given the climate in the places Survivor is filmed.
    I think Chad seems interesting, and I don't think his lack of a leg is going to hold him bck any.
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    He is the one I'll be rooting for. He's got good taste in movies, camps, hikes, kayaks, backpacks,etc, is a survivor, and took time to be a full-time dad. (LOVE that!)

    Go Chad!
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