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Thread: Brady Finta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leftcoaster
    Something about his background in the military and law enforcement tells me this guy is unlikely to have a rollicking sense of humor, at least one he's willing to share with these civilians.
    FBI doesn't necessarily mean no sense of humor. I have a friend who just retired from the FBI and he has a great sense of humor. He also knows how to fit in from some undercover work he did. I think we'll have to wait and see.
    "Fish are friends, not food, but everything else is fair game." ~ Pating, Survivor Cagayan Pool

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    Quote Originally Posted by veejer
    FBI doesn't necessarily mean no sense of humor. I have a friend who just retired from the FBI and he has a great sense of humor. He also knows how to fit in from some undercover work he did. I think we'll have to wait and see.
    You are right. Wasn't Jack from last seasons BB FBI? I found him amusing and likeable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Scents Any perfume on the neck of a beautiful woman
    Flowers Whatever she likes
    OK, I do believe I'm melting. Fiancee or no fiancee, somebody needs to hose me down.
    Really? Haha! I was about to say how incredibly cheesy I thought that was.

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    Alright this is the guy I'm rooting hands down. Cocky or not I don't care. All the other guys look wierd.

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    I think he's going to have a problem. He will most likely be militaristic toward the others and they won't like that. He'll also be a target because of his skills. I don't see him lasting past the 4th or 5th week. (although, he IS easy on the eyes)!

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    He's certainly easy on the eys...and an FBI agent!that's hot.He seems kind of one dimensional though,what with his interests being solely on the military.My guess is him and Lea will get along famously,which might hurt Brady,since I don't think Lea is gonna go far.

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    Impressive bio... which means that he won't be around long, unfortunately.

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    Yeah, unfortunately guys like Brady, who have actually accomplished things in their life, maybe have a military background as well, and are generally straight shooters who believe in keeping their word, never seem to get very far in Survivor. Hunter Ellis and Kel Gleason are two good examples of this as well as Ken from the Thailand season. People immediately see them as a threat and boot them out. To win Survivor you have got to be a bench warmer, make no waves type. Witness, Vecepia, Amber, Jenna, Ethan, Sandra and Tina. Of this bunch only Ethan really contributed or excelled at the game. But, even he admitted that his plan was to be the "assistant coach" and let someone else, in this case Lex, take control and be the bad guy. The only sole survivors who ever took the lead and openly took control were Richard and Brian. But their leadership was of a devious, machiavellian type. Not to be trusted.
    Brady would try to excel and lead and people would either see it as a threat or he would be instantly disliked.
    So as much as I would like to see someone who is so obviously cool as Brady win this thing, I believe he will go early. Too bad.

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    Yeah, he'll be the threat and will go as soon as the team doesn't need him. He is obviously gorgeous and with those credentials, he has to be smart and a trained leader. He also reminds me of Colby. At least, he is someone to drool over for awhile.

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    Hmm, it seems like my guy (meaning the Survivor I am "shadowing" this year for the FORT report) might turn out to be a fan favorite.

    Hopefully it doesn't become the "boy crazy" thread.
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