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Thread: Brady Finta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lil_Cutie
    Totally sucks!! I taped TES and went to watch Survivor Live on Friday. But there WAS no Survivor Live episode, which led me to the article...it uber sucks! Why is it ok for Jack from BB to be on that show but not ok for Brady to be on Survivor? Soooo unfair! Bad enough we only got 4 episodes of him, but we don't even get any post show stuff?

    Outcast twist please!!!! *sigh* A girl can wish. I can't STAND that flab 5 alliance. If they all fell off a cliff, I wouldn't be sad.
    there will be a change of tribes on the next episode, so thats the end of the flab 5...which means that j.k has a chance to stay on

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    Quote Originally Posted by BravoFan
    I'll admit I think Brady is incredibly good looking.

    But the reason I liked him had very little to do with that. In fact, I read his bio before I ever saw a picture of him and was intrigued by his accomplishments.

    Once on the show, I liked him even more because his of his work ethic and demeanor.

    It was a damn shame to see him go.

    Quote Originally Posted by lilcutie
    Why is it ok for Jack from BB to be on that show but not ok for Brady to be on Survivor?
    The problem is, I think, that Jack was retired and Brady was not. Depending upon Brady's true job within the FBI... I'm sure there might be some security concerns. He should have lied and said he was a cop, fireman, etc..
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    ... or a milkman perhaps.

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    when Brady was voted out, I couldn't help but remember another Survivor attractive powerhouse..Hunter Ellis. Who, by the way, now hosts his own show on Cable called Tactical to Practical...and does a damned fine job. Perhaps some savvy show exec somewhere will spot a purpose for Brady (if nothing else..just to brighten up my TV screen!).
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