Fort Writers Speak:


Mogo Mogo


Fluff’s Recaps:

Episode 1: It's all about unity... UNITY!!! (Guest recapper Bill_in_PDX)

Episode 2: "What Happened To Rudy? - I Dunno"

Episode 3: "There's No Place Like Home. . . Depot"

Episode 4: "The Best Player To Never Win, Twice"

Episode 5: "Sue Meets "Little" Richard"

Episode 6: "Crazy Like A Hawk"

Episode 7: "Lex Cuts The Cheese"

Episode 8: "When You're Lex, Turning Against A Friend Is Just Too EZ"

Episode 9: "An Offer You Shoulda Refused"

Episode 10: “Hey Lex, Wanna Buy A Bridge?”

Episode 12: "Shii Determination"

Episode 13: "Going Going Pagong"

Episode 14: "Can You Be A Pawn Star?"

Paulie’s Precaps:

Episode 1: Flare Sack

Episode 2: Manic Jesters At Thirty, As Well

Episode 3: Dark Hat Rack

Episode 4: Stripe Count

Episode 5: Five-Ten, Shampoo's Sold!

Episode 6: Crouch-Caged

Episode 7: Atari Guy Clue Kit

Episode 8: Wicker Bribe Plate

Episode 9: Bad Scrabble and Smokin' Carts

Episode 10: Hang Your Spears and Hay Toss

Episode 11: A Chock-Full Lecture For A Perceptive Man

Episode 12: Scoop A Deep Hole; Two Fit Cupid's Peephole

Episode 13: Catch A Pair Of Earth Pies

Episode 14: Three-Inch Stuffed Gator

Episode 15: A Soldier Driving Paul's Car

Survivor All Star: Pelican Pete Reports (by Bill):

Episode 1: Game On!

Episode 2: Respect Your Elders... or Not!

Episode 3: Where's Bob Vila When You Need Him?

Episode 4: Aliens Abduct Cesternino

Episode 5: Ding Dong Rich is Dead

Episode 6: Is Everyone Going to Quit the Game?

Episode 7: Yawn sort of rhymes with Pagong

Episode 8: Stop Lex Before He Kills Again!

Episode 9: Rob and Amber split! It's wicked sad!

Episode 10: Lex sleeps with the fishes

Episode 11: Much Ado About Nothing

Episode 12: The Shii Ann Power Hour

Episode 13: Stupid, Stupid ... Yadda Yadda

Final Four: The pawn is gone

Standing in the Survivors' Shadows:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14

Episode 15