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Thread: Apply to be on Survivor 7!

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    Yes, only for Americans, unfortunately.

    Survivor and TAR are Americans-only.

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    Miss Maddy

    Yes it starts in Feb in the states, but I'm from Australia our network here confirmed that they are going to show it (TAR4) but they cannot tell me when. Where is Rivendell? America?

    Watched the final episode of TAR3 last night 'OH MY GOD' even though I knew who was going to win I still couldn't believe it, still Flo behaved badly when she had promised Zach she wouldn't again she threaten to quit "I can't take it anymore I want a flight back to JFK...." I agree with everyone she did NOT deserve to walk away with half the million. I know a girl very similiar to Flo, one minute shes happy when everything is going her way and then when things are not going her way she throws a tantrum - one thing though, shes 5!

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    New Survivor Pay-for-Play in Peru!


    This is pretty cool. You pay for a three week vacation to the Peruvian Amazon AND you get to play Survivor for $50K grand prize! Don't have to wait for CBS to pick you!


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