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Thread: Memorable Survivor Quotes

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    SAS: Big Tom, after Jeff asked if he wanted to give up his immunity necklace at Tribal Council:
    "Well, that's the ignorantest thang anybody's said out here so far!"

    ... until Big Tom opened up his mouth to reply ...

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    Jeff Probst "Survivor's can't even build fire, when matches are provided" the sad and pathetic truth

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    Ok here's mine....can't remember the exact words but this is pretty close.

    Helen from survivor Thailand after getting lost with Jan: "If I had a gun I would have shot her first and shot me second. That's why I don't carry firearms!" *shrugs her shoulders*

    And my all-time favourite; Dave from Survivor Amazon: "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see I'm f***ed."
    All right, just hand me my coffee, a cigarette and a coupla asprin an' no one gets hurt.

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    haha yeah the Dave quote is funny.

    ANother Rob M classic (this is why i like the guy so much, coz he's playin the game so well)
    ROb To Lex (indirectly during TC): "I just hope that person realizes, that this is only a game and that after this, i hope we can still be friends"
    Rob to his bro (about 10 days after that): "I told him to keep her, and he did. Can you believe that Dumbass actually believed me"


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    Rob M.: "Looks like we got a little scramblin goin on in Panama..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by chompstick
    From S1...

    Rudy: "I dunno"
    This is my number 1 favorite.

    CLASSIC. I'm still laughing when I think about Rudy and this challenge.
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    Lex (on playing the game): "this is business"
    Lex (after during IC/his boot): "what happened to friendship and loyalty"? :rolleyes !

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    Rob C

    These are some of my fave Rob C quotes. Classics, each & every 1 of them....If you hadn't guessed yet, I'm a huge Rob C fan....& maybe a little obsessed ...hehe
    Rob C = Legend!!!

    * Coming into this new tribe, Alex is more interested in making friends which is stupid coz he coulda stayed home & made friends

    * Matthew has no idea I'm playing him, he's a complete idiot & has no concept of whats going on in this game around him.

    * I know I wanted to vote Matthew off before, but I have put so much energy into talking to this guy & now I may have to vote him off.

    * When voting for Shawna at TC that she went " You're 1 of the nicest ppl I've met & u put others ahead of urself, unfortunately this makes u a really terrible survivor player.

    * I don't like discussing strategy in an open forum but I want to make sure all these knuckleheads get the plan.

    * When I get to tell Roger to shut up by voting him out, thats gonna be the highlight of my game.

    * While collecting treemail

    Rob: Welcome, u have treemail.

    Deena: You have made my time here so much more enjoyable.

    Rob: Thankyou, I'll be here all week.

    * When voting Roger out: Theres a really mean man in my life, but he's going home real soon. I wanna send out a dedication song to him......Nananana nananana, hey hey goodbye.

    * Just after the merge when Roger & Deena were arguing abt the new camp. "Deena is a lawyer, she can argue her way out of anything & Roger just loves to hear himself talk."

    * These guys are all building a shelter while I'm off building alliances. It'll be interesting to see if those guys are here to use it for more than 6 to 9 days.

    * When Roger falls asleep after the merge, "Everyones partying & 1 guy's out to it asleep & snoring & it just happens to be the guy everyone wants voted off.

    * The way Jenna & Heidi are talking abt threesomes, I want it to be me & them for the final 3 so we can have a threesome & it would be the most incredible adventure of my life.

    * Probst, get the girls some peanut butter & chocolate.

    * The only way Roger would win individual immunity would be if the challenge was "Name that Perry Como tune" or "What type of prune is this."

    * The men don't realise the women are capable of taking them out, they have no idea whats going on around them.

    * Matt sits & sharpens his machete for an hour at a time. Why does he need the machete that sharp? I think he's gonna kill us. I'm afraid that when he gets voted out, he's gonna get the machete out & kill us all.

    * On Jenna & Heidi bathing each other: "I am aware what Jenna & Heidi are doing, using their sexuality. I am aware they are trying to get me to do things I normally wouldn't do. I never forget that fact. I really do play the game with this head (points to head) even tho today, it looks like a different head.

    * To keep Matt believing he has a deal, I need him believing he has a different deal to the actual deal. I am taking my life in my hands with the amount of lies I'm telling him.

    * Every morning I give Matt a debriefing of the wild gooses I want him to work on to keep his mind busy so he doesn't work out whats really going on.

    * Rob abt Matt after Matt said he wasn't gonna try to win the reward challenge, then did: "This guy is a nimkempoop."

    * Rob after Matt ate the big grub: "This guy is crazy."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colombian
    Kathy (Commenting on Sue's meltdown in her preachy tone): "I resent her for pulling us into her core of hatred".

    Ironically a few shows later Kathy pulls us into her core during her own meltdown.

    Core of hatred is such a great term though I think
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Neleh: "OH MY HECK!"

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