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Thread: Survivor Boot Camp

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    Survivor Boot Camp

    Get me on this show so I can show everyone how it's done.
    One of the FORT's members has some BIG IDEAS.

    I am confident that the ever-helpful FORT folks can come with TONS of suggestions to get on, and just as important, stay on the show.

    Maybe together we can write a FORT instruction manual for beoming a lean, mean, Survivor machine.

    I'll lead off:

    If you've never done any camping, try it. Before you go too far, make sure this is the right show for you.

    If possible, get one or more "extreme" things in your resume. The producers eat that up. Motorcycling across the continent, triathalons, mountain climbing, etc.

    If you have a common first name, consider going by your middle name if it's unusual, or give yourself a catchy nickname. I've noticed that quite a few contestants, particularly the men, have unusual first names. I don't think this is an accident.

    Take up poker. Play for stakes.

    Work out and swim laps regularly. Make sure you won't be the tribe's weakest link, taken out of the game before you even get started.

    Must do reading: Sun Tzu's, "On the Art of War." This is perhaps the first military treatise ever written, and remains topical to this day.

    Who's next?

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    Develop a thick skin. Many nasty things could be said about you during and well after the show.

    Make sure that you know people politics. I believe this is the most important part of the game of Survivor. Learn how to read people and be ready and willing to push their buttons at a moments notice.

    Make sure you are comfortable with a camera in your face. I have a friend who tried out for Road Rules who dropped out of the running when they sent a camera crew to her house to help her acclimate to them. She describes it as a walking zoo.

    Donate a portion of your winnings to FORT.

    Good Luck.

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    Make your audition video stand out a lot.

    Know how to lie without looking guilty because you'll probably have to do that often.

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    what are you watching? iguanachocolate's Avatar
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    Learn how to start a freakin' fire....without matches, charcoal lighter fluid or a magnifying glass...


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    It's my quote(at the top of the page).

    Be prepared for ANYTHING! Never assume. Don't trust anything anyone says to you.

    Think LONG and HARD about not taking a real shower for 39 days and make SURE that would be ok for you.

    Sound interesting in your audition video. Maybe throw in a Survivor reference to show that you are a fan?

    Have more than one strategy planned. One strategy might serve you better in a particular game than another one.

    Be prepared to see possibly a very horrible side of yourself if you get the villian editing.

    Work out!!!!!! The last thing you wanna be is the 2nd one gone from your tribe because you are a liability.

    Watch your lying. If you lie too much, you'll start confusing stories and will get booted for being untrustworthy.

    Never assume you have the game in your back pocket. You're bound to make a dumb mistake that could cost you it.

    Be friendly with EVERYONE on your tribe. You never know when you're gonna be sent to another tribe as part of a switch and you don't wanna get booted like Silas did in S3 because the tribe members he went with didn't like him.

    Observe. Observe. Observe. Do not always run your mouth. You might miss something obvious.

    Think outside the box. You might come up with something brilliant that could win you the game.

    If you're an extremely strong male, throw every challenge post merge, don't make waves, act like you're weak(even if you're not) and possibly you might not be thought of as a threat.

    If you end up making an extremely close bond(i.e. Elisabeth/Rodger, Colby/Tina Neleh/Paschal, Heidi/Jenna, Andrew/Ryno, Rupert/Sandra/Christa) HIDE IT! Smart people will take one of you out, and you don't wanna be that person.

    Go into the game expecting to win. If you expect less than first place, you may not push yourself as hard as you could.

    Don't be the only one obsessing about food. If everyone is, then fine. But if you're the only one, you'll just drive everyone nuts.

    How is that for some tips?

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    Wow! Good advice Lil Cutie!

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    Has any one been a member of Fort and then applied and made it on Survivor? How about at least making it to 1st or 2nd round interviews?

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    Great advice! Might I add:
    1) Practice eating disgusting food.
    2) Controversy in your past will help with the audition vidio, but hurt you in the game, (like being married 5 times, or being a Scientologist)
    3) Practice discussing deeply held beliefs with people who disagree with you, making sure you can keep your cool and stay logical.
    4) Don't eat for a couple days. Do this so you become familiar with the phases of hunger. You'll still get hungry but you won't be shocked by it.
    5) Try going a day without drinking water.
    6) Spend a night in your backyard with no tent, no blanket, no pillow, and no bug spray.
    7) In the days prior to the game drink all the water you can every chance you get. Eat lots of protein too.

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    Wow, BillyFlynn.

    For the first time I realized just how tough Survivor might be.

    Like alot of you, I'll wager, I toyed (in a 'I probalby won't ever do it'
    way) with the idea of applying.

    But your hints woke me up.

    Too much work heh

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    Pink Floyd

    You've got to be trusted
    By the people that you lie to
    So that when they turn their back on you
    You'll get the chance to put the knife in.

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