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Thread: Colby Donaldson’s CBS Chat Transcript: 3/12/04

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    True, but I look at it this way, I wouldn't want to be Jerri or Shii Ann either.
    I think I would have an attitude too, if I was in an island with those 2 parasites.

    But at least you and I do not have to live with being Jerri Manthey.

    I am not the one that went into this game seeking revenge. Obviously Jerri did. I do not have anything personal against Jerri, she is simply not someone I would choose to be around outside the realm of this game.
    Good answer. No need to sugar coat the fact that he would not like to hang out with her or people like her.

    Thanks Sheela for taking the time to post the transcript.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooberoo
    He sounds a little bitter to me, but that chat wasn't very enlightening. It doesn't seem like he answered many questions. That's why I liked the fact that Richard answered each question with one or two sentences.

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    Thanks sheela!

    I didn't think Colby's chat was very entertaining.

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    ref guy
    Look at the bright side for him... no more having to live with Shii and Jerri

    Colby started with the right attitude and he left with the right attitude

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    I didn't get the feeling that Colby was bitter from his interview. He was just frank and everything he said about Jerri or Shii Ann was true, as far as I can see.

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    Thank you, sheela, for posting this interview!

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    I definately got the impression that Colby thinks quite highly of himself and is bitter about being voted off so soon by people he feels are beneath him.

    I know that's not a popular opinon though, many people quite like Colby. I've been on the fence about him, but after the last episode of Survivor and seeing his chats, I've realized I just cannot like him very much.

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    I thought he really handled the Rich boot, and his talk with Shii Ann about cruising, in an exceptionally poor manner, and that made him a target.

    I don't see him as anymore arrogant than say... Shii Ann.
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    Love Colby

    I think Colby's answers were frank I didn't see any bitterness at all. He realizes it's a game, he is one of the best competitors I've seen thus far. Lex was stupid to boot Colby out so early, it would be hard to beat Colby, Ethan and Lex at any challenge. These three should have stuck together. If there isn't a merge pretty soon Lex and Ethan will be gone. These guys should have seen how Rob M and Amber are stuck like glue. For some weird reason Rob M can get people in Chapera to do anything he wants. It amazes me why the other tribe members in Chapera don't kick Rob M or Amber out. Colby was my favorite and I'll miss him. I have never liked Rob M, he is a juvenile acting little nasty jerk. I like Tom more now than I did when he was on survivor before but don't see him or Rupert as strong players, too easily led. That's what gets me with Lex voting Colby out when he, Ethan and Colby could have kicked butt.

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    ColbyChick: Hey Colby, I love you! How do you feel about the actions that have been going on between Rob and Amber, do you think it is appropriate?

    Colby didn’t answer this question.
    While Colby didn't answer this question during the chat, the official transcript at CBS now includes his answer:

    ColbyChick: Hey Colby, I love you! How do you feel about what's been going on between Rob and Amber? Do you think it is appropriate?

    Colby: I keep in mind that not only my grandparents, but also millions of children are watching. I probably would not allow something that personal to happen to me while on the show. But that's just me.

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