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Thread: Take me to the Final Two!

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    Take me to the Final Two!

    Kim J, Clay, Lil: allowed to stay in the game by power players because they looked easy to beat in the Final Two. They ended up pocketing $100K, not bad for 39 days work. It is likely that at least two them went into the merge, if not the game, with this strategy in mind, after all $100K is real money. So, who is playing this game in All Stars? I'll put three players up for nomination: Shii Annn: Seriously, what chance does she have of beating anyone in the final two? And for that reason she has good odds of making a jury speach. Amber: well she is the Godfathers moll, but that won't impress a jury. Chop off Rob and keep Amber around for the Final Two will appeal to more than one power player. Ethan: former winner, says it all. As a competitor he wants to win, but a second place strategy can really work for him. Those are my top three, but I am sure you guys see other possibilities....
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    I don't think Shii Ann is really like a guaranteed beatable person though... at this stage, only Colby and Ethan seems to be annoyed with her. I doubt she'll really win but better than Lill or Clay at least.
    Also Lill wasn't really the person who were taken by the power players. Actually also Kim J. they won the final immunity

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    I don't think Lil or Kim J. would have been in the final immunity had they not already been written off. Had they been viewed as a threat they would have been eliminated prior to the final four.

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    Interesting thread idea.

    I don't think anybody is going into the game attempting to finish second. There have been UTR winners before. I agree 2nd is the best that Shii Ann or Amber are likely to get (unless Robfather has 4 jury votes, or its Shii vs. Amber in F2). If Ethan somehow makes F2, I think the jury will understand and appreciate the magnitude of that accomplishment, considering what happened to the other winners - I wouldn't count him out if he makes F2. However, I don't think he gets that far.

    I hope that Jenna and/or Jerri become very, very happy if they win $100K.

    One constant source of amazement is the vast canyon between many players' self-perception and others' perception. Witness Jerri at TC last night. Colby's eye-roll said it all.

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