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Thread: Feelings on Survivor All Stars??

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    For me the biggest problem is the casting. There were several people (Amber, Jenna, Jerri) who really didn't seem to deserve to be on the show at all - and those are the ones who are still here. Only Rahb (who played a pretty stupid game in Marquesas up until the merge) has stepped up his game. I really don't look forward to weeks and weeks of Amber and Jenna. think how much better it would have been if we had Mike Skupin and Johnny Fairplay. (I hated him, but would have loved to see him and Rob C on the same tribe). They would never have played under the radar!

    Rahb is the only one on his tribe who even thinks about strategy. It's amazing how they all just roll over for him.

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    allstars is okay....could be much much better......my friend thought all stars meant celebrities would play hahaha....when i told him no just returning players.....he was like "what fun is that".....maybe he was right

    episode 1: good
    episode 2: okay
    episode 3: bad and sad
    episode 4: didn't see but the last 10 min and it was great seeing rob c's face so i'm going with good
    episode 5: good
    episode 6: very baaaadddd
    episode 7: decent

    but there are people there that should not be there----so many other great players were cheated with this bunch i think....especially jenna m/sue......even though i understand jenna's reasons....she should not have been there in the first place....its like how much money do you people want if a million isn't good enough the first time....that's kinda how i feel about the winners returning.....and jenna l is just worthless worthless worthless

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    All Stars, the worst season ever!

    I've never seen the show so boring and the stakes so low. Even Rupert, who I loved last season, seems like a bore. The show has jumped the shark with the all-star cast. If the cast doesn't take it seriously, why should the audience? I frankly don't care who wins!

    On another note, I hear through my colleagues that the top reality TV editors in LA are making $1500 per day!

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    I still enjoy watching the show, but I can see your point. Perhaps one of the issues is that we already know these folks, so we didn't grow to know them. We already knew them.

    This seems to be causing an issue for the players as well. All know that the others will lie, for the most part they know each others methods. So they just play tit for tat in their groups making quick and dirty alliances. Notice how in most of the tribal councils the players still express an uncertainty over what's going to happen, regardless of what group they feel they are a part of.

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    I think by far the worst season was Thailand. There was only two people from the beginning I liked, other than that everyone was boring. Ghandia was so annoying and I couldn't stand most of the other people. This one is entertaining, maybe as not as much as past seasons, but its still fun to watch. I think once they start some twists or the merge it will pick up.

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    I think the reason it's so dull and boring is because we've had two episodes without TC's... and that's what a Survivor fan lives for... It's just been very dull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse
    I think by far the worst season was Thailand.
    I agree, but this season is almost as bad.

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    I missed most of Thailand so I can't compare. This season is a real dud. I know all the players already. Nothing's new or unexpected. That's why a celebrity Survivor would be boring -- I would already know what the players are like personality-wise -- I would never watch it. A.S.S. is turning into celebrity Survivor. The players are more interested in posturing for the cameras than playing the game. They're playing very poorly in my opinion. Even Rob doing well can't make me enthused. The whole season is a conundrum. Get it over and done with already.

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    THIS SEASON SUCKS!!!! It's the third worst for me. MY RANKINGS:
    Australian Outback
    Pearl Islands
    The Amazon

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    Quote Originally Posted by LAGuy
    I haven't been too thrilled with All-Stars -- and I don't have high hopes for the future at the moment. My fear is that we're going to end up seeing a traditional, sleep-inducing Pagonging (of Mogo Mogo) once the merge happens. (This is NOT a Spoiler. Just my gut feeling about the way things are heading, based on what we've seen so far.)

    Nothing makes the show more boring than watching the members of one tribe pick off the other week after week.
    My hope for the season rests on (gasp) Tom and Alicia. If they turn on their mates, things could get really interesting. Otherwise, it's a snoozer.

    What are the chances? I think Tom's a better player than people give him credit for. If Alicia sticks with Chapera, she's a worse player than Lil.

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