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If you win, you can walk away with major endorsement deals, not to mention the fact you can raise your consulting rates with impunity.

Ah, now you’re thinking fourth-dimensionally!

As she looks up, the camera kicks it into slow-motion. A puff of wind teases her hair into a cloud about her head, and she extends her tongue to lap up some shark juice trickling out the corner of her mouth as she stares hungrily at the man across from her.

Boston Rob, seated beside her, notices this smoldering glance and acts quickly to defuse the situation. “Hay, Ambah. Wanna go collect some wood?” he asks, italicizing the final phrase with his inflection and body language.

“Oh, really?” Rob asks petulantly.

Jeff looks at Rob, his brow furrowed in consternation.

“I’m sorry, Jeff. There’s nothing you can do now to fix this problem. You should’ve considered the needs of the hyper-intelligent before this whole thing got started. I will now leave.”

Two muscular men race out of the trees and grab Jerri, one by each arm. They hustle her back to the tree line, where a giant elastic band is tied to a pair of palm trees. They settle her in the middle of the enormous rubber band and pull her back as far as they can. The rubber band quivers and thrums as the two men strain to hold her in place. They watch Jeff silently, expectantly.

“Fire,” Jeff says quietly.

Thhhwwaannnnggnnngg!! Jerri blasts off the island so rapidly she’s over the water before the other Survivors can swivel their heads to track her flight. She travels to the horizon, dwindling in size until she’s just a dot, and then she disappears from their sight.

“She’ll be fine,” Jeff says with a dismissive wave of his hand.

Colby shakes his head. “Nope. They both quit within about ten minutes of each other. Nobody really knows why. Maybe they were tired.”

You are in pursuit of a single man, and here he is. Come on out!” he yells.

“This is Atari Guy,” Jeff says, clapping a hand on the young man’s shoulder. Atari Guy gasps in pain and slumps sideways in the direction of Jeff’s hand. “He’s your quarry today.

“Welcome to my Asteroid field!” a thin, phlegmy voice that can only be Atari Guy’s blares over hidden loudspeakers.

He spins and thrashes like a bearded, tie-dye-wearing Tasmanian Devil, trying to burst as many balloons as possible.

The streaking missile blasts him on the temple, and he collapses to the ground with a barely audible eep!
I'm a week behind! Another fabulous precap! Fabulous!!!

I'm enjoying all the detailed tags on the dialogue, i.e. "petulantly" and "genially" etc. etc. Again, the details, the word choices...all superb! The choice of vocab makes these especially good!

The ejection of Jerri via catapult was fantastic!! Again...the choice of words! Magnifico!

Brilliant job with all the adapted Atari games!! BRAVO!!!! I can't believe you remembered them all and found a way to fit them in! Sooo clever!! You da man!

And everyone quitting!!

The bit about Rupert bursting balloons could have double meaning...i.e. as people are disappointed in him this season. I have no idea if you meant it that way...but fantastic nonetheless!

Love how it's a lowly Survivor staff member who's shot upwards in the balloon part of the game.

You're so good! Thanks for the weekly treat!