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Thread: Susan Hawk Chat Transcript 3/5/04

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    Susan Hawk Chat Transcript 3/5/04

    Survivor Host: Hey everyone!! Thanks for joining us for the weekly Survivor: All Stars chat! Today we’re chatting with the Survivor All Star, Sue Hawk.

    Survivor Host: Hi Sue! Thanks for being here today. Are you ready to take some questions?

    Sue: Yes, yes we are.

    Aariannna: Sue, I felt for you and I think you were 100% right in your feelings. How are you dealing with it now?

    Sue: Actually, I learned a huge life lesson out of it and am moving forward one day at a time.

    I_love_Sue: When did you decide to quit? Was it after you talked to Jeff or did you know before you even arrived at the Reward Challenge?

    Sue: Actually, I decided to quit that morning after I woke up, about an hour to a half hour after being awake I knew I wanted to quit.

    Lorren: What was your family’s reaction when you came back from the island? Were you able to tell them anything about what happened?

    Sue: I could talk to my husband Tim when I came back because he signed a disclosure. I told Tim what happened and he supported my decision 100 percent.

    rattler: Sue, it was a horrible thing that happened, do you wish you had not even played the All Star game?

    Sue: Actually, if I had known that was going to happen ahead of time, no I would not have played the game.

    LovinVivor: Did you and Big Tom enjoy each other’s company, or did CBS edit it to make it look like you two never got along?

    Sue: Actually there’s no love lost between me and Tom. He thinks he’s a charmer but I think he’s just a dim wit.

    Legend41: Hi Sue, How did you feel seeing boston rob singing and big tom dancing to “Ding dong the wicked witch is dead” song?

    Sue: Actually, I didn’t watch the episode but I did see Tom’s dance, and I’m really glad he got a chance to do it on TV because he had been doing it every day since we were there.

    micala: Was there anyone in particular you were close to? If so, who?

    Sue: I was close to Alicia.

    I_love_Sue: Sue – did you have an alliance with anyone?

    Sue: Yeah, I had an alliance with Alicia.

    micala: If you could pick the people to be in your tribe, who would you choose?

    Sue: If I could pick the people to be in my tribe, it be Alicia, Shii Ann, Rupert, Rudy and Colby.

    Canamal: You mentioned on the Early Show that you had plenty of food … and that it was easier this time for you … yet CBS and your prior “bootees” say different … was it really easier or did you treat the situation different this time?

    Sue: It was really easier this time. I just believe they tried to edit as far as they could to make it look like it was hard on me. That’s probably why you didn’t see much of me, there wasn’t much you could grab.

    ratsy: Sue, what is the major difference between being on All Stars Survivor and the original Survivor?

    Sue: The major difference for me was the fact that on the original everyone had the exact same clothing, where on All Stars, some people had long-sleeved shirts, some people had short-sleeved. Same with pants … Yeah we didn’t have a choice of what we could wear on the show.

    I_love_Sue: Sue – why didn’t you and Rob C team up to get rid of Amber or Rob M? Those two seem to be running Chapera.

    Sue: To team up with Rob C was such a hard judgement to make because of the way he played the Amazon prior. He bounced from alliance to alliance, it made it hard to trust him.

    shaver: Sue, you never seemed to be happy. From day one you seemed very down in the dumps – was it your team?

    Sue: Actually, I was happy, and the two minutes of air time I had was what they could grab, I believe it was so that they could feed my exit more liberally.

    Mommarabbit: Sue, I am so sorry for your distress you didn’t deserve what happened to you. Are you planning on suing Richard over the incident?

    Sue: There was a time when I was contemplating a lawsuit, but CBS brought Richard and I together to confront each other about the incident and talk through each other’s perspectives. From that meeting I was able to then move forward with my life rather than tie myself up anymore emotionally in this matter.

    I_love_Sue: Sue - Your camp looked like a mountain shack. Was it more comfortable than Borneo?

    Sue: Actually, our hut was very comfortable in the fact that we had won so many luxury items. We won the blankets, then we won the parachute, which was great, plus it kept the rain out. It might of looked like hell, but it was a great house. Looks are deceiving! (laughs)

    Molson_guy: Hi Sue, hope you are feeling better. Sue why did you not protest Richard’s behavior right then and there when it happened?

    Sue: Thanks for the greeting. I did not protest that immediately because my head was so deeply emerged in the challenge and the moment to win the game with the team. You could equate it with a soldier being in battle, and after the battle is over with he has time to think over what had happened, and it just traumatized me.

    ratsy: Would you do a second Survivor All Stars if asked?

    Sue: (laughs) No. I would not play the game ever again.

    ShiiannRocks: Sue did Tom smell as bad as he looks?

    Sue: Actually, Big Tom … YES, he smells even worse than he looks. So that’s why I kept my distance.

    TGIF_Tiggy: Sue, did the water that you drank unboiled affect you at all????

    Sue: No. I started drinking the water on day two. I never got sick from it, and I actually never drank any boiled water, which allowed me to consume way more water than anybody else was drinking.

    TGIF_Tiggy: Sue, was the animosity from Survivor 1 with Richard still very much in your game this time?

    Sue: No, actually my feelings with Rich have been on a congenial basis during and since Survivor.

    I_love_Sue: Sue, after Saboga got “dissolved” you gave Jenna a big hug when she joined your tribe. Was it nice to have a familiar face around?

    Sue: Yes, it was good to have Jenna on our tribe. When their tribe dissolved our choice was going to be Rupert and Jenna. So it was really nice to have Jenna back.

    I_love_Sue: Sue - you seemed the workhorse of your tribe. Who other than you did the most work around camp?

    Sue: Yes that’s correct, and it’s a hard draw, but it’s probably between Alicia and Rob C. And then Rupert came along.

    TGIF_Tiggy: Did Jenna’s departure a few weeks ago make it an easier decision to leave the game?

    Sue: Actually Jenna’s departure took me by surprise, and that wasn’t even on my mind. Jenna never even passed through my mind when I was making my personal decision.

    ShiiannRocks: Sue do you think the other members were unsympathetic to you because of your previous behavior?

    Sue: I didn’t watch last night’s episode. As far as caring if I had a sympathy vote or not from anybody did not concern me, and to this day does not concern me. This is America and everybody’s welcome to their opinion.

    Canamal: After the Early Show this morning – I’m glad to see that you’re putting the “Hatch” thing behind you - What do those little snails actually taste like without garlic?

    Sue: Actually, the snails are not bad without garlic. The biggest problem with the snails is having leftover shell on them. You need to rinse off the shell.

    Mommarabbit: Sue, do you feel Jeff is at all responsible for what happened? After all, he is in charge out there, he should have told Richard to put his clothes back on immediately.

    Sue: Jeff was in a position where, us being all adults in the game, this occurrence was something he might have not even thought of foreseeing, so he probably felt no need to tell Richard to put his clothes back on. I hope to see in the future of the game that an incident like this could be prevented next time.

    txjessie: Sue, did you feel physically prepared for this Survivor?

    Sue: Yes, I was physically prepared because I had an inkling two years prior that something like this could come down the road sometime, so I started preparing at least two years ahead.

    me: Sue, in one word each describe everyone left in the game.

    Sue: You’re racking brain … Alicia - intelligent; Rupert - hard worker; Jenna L. - deceiving; Rob M. - coach; Tom - dimwit; Amber - pushy.

    alljoy: So Sue on the Early Show you said the rules for the balance beam game forced you to run into Richard could you elaborate on that?

    Sue: Prior to the game, Jeff gave us the rules. One set of the rules was we had to exit our platform on a certain beam, and return to our platform on another beam. So that’s what I was aiming for. Jeff didn’t tell Mogo Mogo about the beam rule.

    GoSue: Sue, how did they get a boat to you so fast??

    Sue: Because the producers, cameramen, sound people all have to get to the island on a boat, so there was probably 100 boats floating in the water at the time because of the challenge.

    me: Sue, what did you think of Boston Rob?

    Sue: Actually, I like Boston Rob and like his energy and enjoyed his accent. You can understand what he’s saying.

    Wicked_Witch: Why did nobody on your tribe try to fish, until the merge? Is it because the “provider” is vulnerable for being voted out?

    Sue: Actually, Boston Rob and Tom did try fishing prior to the merge. They just didn’t have no luck. We were gathering a lot of shell fish at that time rather than wasting our energy on trying to fish when we couldn’t get them.

    evict: If Richard had not been voted off, how do you think you would have reacted at the challenge?

    Sue: Actually, I would have probably tried to claw his eyeballs out, but then I would have been disqualified for being physically abusive … but that would have been okay.

    WindFLower: Hi Sue - after seeing Big Tom sing the celebratory song after you left … if he was writhing in the desert, drunk but dying of dehydration, would you give him a drink?

    Sue: The best thing for Big Tom would just be to keep a spicket of whiskey running into him at all times. That is the only way you can stand to be around the guy.

    WindyCityJo: Sue, who were the laziest people on your tribe?

    Sue: Let me think … laziest people on the tribe were Boston Rob and Amber.

    chuck_kirschner: hey sue … I know you opened your bar in Vegas … I wondered if you were still driving your semi???

    Sue: Actually, my CDL is active, but I do not drive truck at the time.

    CeLeRoN: Hey Sue, you are my favorite player! Tell me, who is your favorite player of all time and why?

    Sue: My favorite player of all time is Jonny Rotten from the Pearl Islands because I absolutely loved the grandma joke.

    Hotmama: Hi Sue! If you could change one thing that you did on the show, what would it be?

    Sue: It would be to have never encountered Richard on the balance beam challenge.

    Canamal: Hi, Sue. My daughter is a Leo too! How’s the Juice Biz going? What kind of new plans do you have for the future if any?

    Sue: The juice biz is going fabulous, thank you. My plans for the future as of right now is one day at a time.

    Survivor Host: I am sorry to say that our hour with Sue is up. Sue, thanks so much for being here to chat with us today. Do you have any final comments for the Survivor fans?

    Sue: Thank you for taking your time to talk to me today. Truly enjoy watching the rest of the show, and keep watching any other series that comes along. Thanks everybody for the well wishes, it is much appreciated.

    Survivor Host: Thanks for joining us everyone. Tune in to an all-new SURVIVOR: All Stars Thursday at 8:00 PM. We’ll chat with the next ejected All Star next Friday morning at 11:30 AM PT (2:30 PM ET). And don’t forget to check www.CBS.com/survivor for all the latest Survivor info. Goodbye!

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    Thank you sheela!

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    Thanks a bunch sheela!

    ShiiannRocks: Sue did Tom smell as bad as he looks?

    Sue: Actually, Big Tom Ö YES, he smells even worse than he looks

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    Thanks, Sheela!

    This certainly helped clear up why she went on the beam where Rich was instead of taking another route:

    Prior to the game, Jeff gave us the rules. One set of the rules was we had to exit our platform on a certain beam, and return to our platform on another beam. So thatís what I was aiming for. Jeff didnít tell Mogo Mogo about the beam rule.
    I'm wondering if perhaps she did get some kind of settlement from the incident. Read over her last statement again! Hmm...

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    Favorite Player Johnny Rotten......


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    me: Sue, what did you think of Boston Rob?

    Sue: Actually, I like Boston Rob and like his energy and enjoyed his accent. You can understand what heís saying.
    How can she like his energy and yet called him a lazy worker.. that doesn't make sense.

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    Thanks for the interview

    HAs this change my viewpoint on Sue?

    Hell no!!

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    Thanks Sheela! I was looking forward to your posting this!

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    Thanks for posting it. I'm glad to see a few other people besides I_love_Sue got their questions answered.
    If you go through a lot of hammers each month, I don't think it necessarily means you're a hard worker.
    It may just mean that you have a lot to learn about proper hammer maintenance.

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    I'm a little confused -- I thought they all said that Rob C. was lazy....?

    So, Rob C. was a hard-worker, and Rob M. is lazy? Interesting, if true....
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