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Thread: Tapes??!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faulkenham
    Okay, so maybe we'd make a donation to your foundation of choice... :phhht
    i could send extra tapes and take care of all shipping and handling for sending them to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lalol
    And that would be illegal to do too
    I have all 7 (and what's been shown of All Stars) on tape. I make them for people all the time (I've actually done it for some people off this site way back), and I don't consider it illegal. I taped it off t.v. with my own tapes on my own machine, so how is it copy righting? Now, if it was something CBS released on video and then people made copies off of it...yes, that'd be illegal.

    From what I heard, CBS is releasing the first season on DVD. The reason they quit releasing them in the first place (the other ones) was because of poor sales, but I hope they put out all the seasons eventually.

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    Need Tapes

    Please Help!
    There will be about two/three weeks that I'll miss Survivor and The Apprentice. Starting April 1. I'll be more then happy to pay for tapes/shipping and your time. Thanks

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    Survivor: Africa Episodes

    Would anyone happen to have a reasonably good quality recording (either on DVD or VHS) of episodes 3 and 4 of Survivor: Africa? I was dubbing my VHS copy to DVD a few weeks ago and noticed that these episodes were of very poor quality. TVTROPOLIS here in Canada is rebroadcasting Africa right now, but I missed the opportunity to record these two episodes when they aired a few weeks ago.

    If anyone has these two episodes and would be willing to ship me a copy of them, please PM me. I would, of course, pay for the media (DVD or VHS) and shipping.


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