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Thread: Do You have any sympathy to "quitters"?

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    Actually I have come to symphatize with Osten for quitting and am even able to respect the fact that he has such a "screw up if you hate me that's your problem" attitude. I think he is a total wimp not for quitting cos he couldn't take the elements but for being scared of a PELICAN! AND PALM FRONDS! *rolls eyes*

    I think if I had been stuck out there with no clothes and it was freezing at night I would have quit sooner than he did. But I'm not a big muscular guy, I'm a 5'6" 105# girl. I thought about using leaves and making a bed of dried fronds/leaves etc to sleep in at night but I guess that wouldn't have work too well either.

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    At least Osten made it to TC. I think he would've been voted out anyway...so he shouldn't have quit. He wouldn't have looked so bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuckinchile
    Hmmmmmmm...sympathy for quitters. I guess it all depends on the reason. If you accidently fall on a sharpened stick running away from another player's naked parts requiring immediate emergency kidney surgery, and no one is there to pee on the surgical site for sterilizing purposes while another runs for the sharpened fishing spear/emergency scalpel .... I would have to say I would be sympathetic if you chose to leave.
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    I don't know UK. Those all seem pretty minor to me. The spear surgery might get a little tricky. Much rather someone search for a rusty beer can. Now there's a surgical instrument for ya.

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    I respect Jenna's decision, since it was a personal matter, and she got to her mother in time. Sue, I can understand why she did, because you aren't in the same situation as you are at home. You have too much time to dwell on things, and it really got to her. I am glad that she's pretty much over it now. Osten is another story. His reason for quitting was silly, because feeling weak is what Survivor is about. If he had tried to gain weight, instead of losing some to look good for the cameras he may not have had to quit. Also, if he had not foolishly sold the only clothes he had, and yet left with money, he wouldn't have quit. It was his foolish early decisions that hurt him most. But if you look at somebody like Darrah, or Tijuana, or Christa who doesn't have much weight to lose in the first place, yet they're out there without complaining about everything in sight.

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    Osten... well his story was kinda interesting. It added texture to S7. Not much Sympathy, but I didn't regret him being in the game.

    Jenna... I can see she made a mistake. She went on the show and then regretted it. A Tonne of Sympathy for her.

    Sue... her reaction was Alien to me. To get Angry, yes fine. But to crumble emotionally like that was so.... strange. She needed someone to slap her and say "Snap out of it Woman!". But that doesn't mean her reaction wasn't genuine. The women in my life often seem to create emotional crises out of mild situations.
    Women are just weird.
    So I dunno. Mild sympathy.

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    I dont agree with most people's view on Sue. I think whatever contact, regardless of how small (not a comment on Richard Hatch*) or the intent, which makes a person feel violated, constitutes harrassment. I honestly believe that Sue felt this way, given her socially withdrawn (moreso*) behaviour, her sleeplessness and her guilt. I dont think she overreacted, at the reward or by quitting, because she honestly felt abused. Having cameras upon her day in and day out and continuing to be a part of something giving her the grief would only exacerbate the situation, making it even worse for her when she later tries to sort it out. So she was right to quit, and that decision should is respected by me, with great sympathy.

    *-I understand the inappropriateness of such by the by commentary, especially in a quite serious post, but I couldnt help myself. By no means does it add an air of sarcasm in the rest of the post

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    I don't why we're back on Osten, but no, no sympathy there. He just said he was done physically and couldn't hack it anymore. Whatever

    Jenna, I feel very sorry for her and for what happened with her mother, but she shouldn't have been out there to begin with, so I'm sort of in the middle with her.

    I do have sympathy for Sue, but I'm not gonna get into it, yet again, because most all of you already know how I feel about that issue. Look in just about any other thread about Sue and Hatch and the whole deal and you'll see my opinion on it.

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    I have zero sympathy for Osten. Of all the quitters, he's the one that had the weakest reason for quitting.

    I do and I don't feel sorry for Jenna. Of course I feel badly for her to lose her mother. But I don't really get why she went in the first place. She went once, she won, she has nothing else to prove. Why rob yourself of valuable time with your mother? I think she made the best decision to admit her mistake and leave.

    I don't feel sorry for Sue either. While I'm sure that she felt violated and uncomfortable, I don't think it's reason enough to quit. Rich was voted out. He was gone. She didn't have to see him or even talk about him any more. I'm surprised that she quit. I thought she was tougher than that. I do sympathize, but I don't think that was a strong enough reason to quit.
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    Jenna M. should NOT have gone on the show with her mom so sick, regardless of what her mom said. By leaving she let her team down, although most were sympathetic.

    Osten - what a baby! He was a Quiter with a capital "Q" and had no excuse at all. In my mind, he was the worst.

    Sue - okay Hatch was absolutely wrong to do what he did and should have been stopped. They arrest weenie waggers out in the "real" world - gay or straight! BUT - she over reacted. I would have kneed him in the groin (a real knee-jerk reaction) and thought he was a slimy creep but that would have been the extent of it. He was voted out (thank God) and once she realized that - why did she feel the need to leave? Because of her extreme over reaction, it may be that she had a bad experience of abuse in her past that she was reliving. If not, her reaction was strange. (Unless she plans to sue Hatch and the show for allowing it to happen and she was setting up the ground work).

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