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Thread: Do You have any sympathy to "quitters"?

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    I have no sympathy for the quitters, except Jenna M and I have a little for Sue.

    And I think Sue was overreacting. What Rich did was wrong, ut she didn't have to scream at Jeff about it.

    But I have absolutely no sympathy at all for Osten.
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    I seem to be the only person who feels sorry for Sue. I think she was right to leave. It was a game and she was injured and needed help. No one has even mentioned Mike from Australia, he left due to injuries. Sue's inuries weren't physical but they were damaging none the less.

    I don't believe she was able to deal with those injuries and play the game. She had to choose and I think she chose correctly. It was just a game.

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    Mike's injuries made him not CAPABLE of playing...literally

    while sue's *supposive* injuries were all in her head, however she could still physically play the game, one word = quitter

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    i think if you quit survivor, you should be given no money

    jenna-have some sympathy for her, but i still think she's selfish

    sue-no sympathy, even though what hatch did was wrong, u don't walk away you fight

    osten-he should not have even been allowed to go to the renunion show, he was the most worthless survivor ever

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    I dont really have any sympathy for any of the quitters. Yes I realize that Jenna's mom was sick for several years before Jenna was even picked for the Amazon season. Yes I realize that people react differently to sexual situations (in Sue's case). Yes, I realize that sometimes you just can't do what you thought you could do(In Osten's case).

    Having said that, I don't think that you should agree to be on this show if you have any intention of not going as far as you can. To me, the show is about endurance from physical and mental stress. Jenna shouldn't have come and Sue and Osten should have stuck it out. This is not a show for wimps.

    Now that the show has a history of quitters, I think it will be easier for people to leave the show in the future and that makes me sad. Sometimes the thought of being the first quitter is so powerful, it makes people think twice. Now the "quit" door is wide open and I hope MB figures out how to adjust the casting process and make sure that people want to be in this game.

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    I have absolutely no tolerance for quitters.

    I wonder if Sue saw how Osten walked away from the game so she decided that she could. Jeff DID NOT deserve to be berated like he was. I really felt bad for him at this point. She's the dumbass who WANTED to confront Rich knowing full well how narrow the walkway thingy was and that he was naked. She was a fool to stop there. I mean, what the heck was she thinking? She'd have been offended if he touched her no matter what, and it was inevitable. So maybe he should've pushed her off so there wouldn't have been problems? I doubt she'd have gotten this mad if one of the younger guys had done that, which they wouldn't have. They'd have told her to move it! She did NOT have to stand there. :rolleyes I'm so disappointed that she was on(I never wanted to see her at all) when muah girl Kelly Goldsmith could've been on instead!

    Ok, I am a girl. Don't make it a gender issue. Sue was a complete idiot for wanting a showdown with naked Rich. It could've been avoided. Rich was just trying to win a challenge for his team. And she was blocking his way. I feel a little bad that he rubbed on her as long as he did, but she friggin brought it on herself. And sorry, but he IS gay and not even a straight guy would sexually harass her. Be honest about that now.

    Jenna, I do have sympathy for. She shouldn't have been there, but I am glad she left so that she made it back on time to see her mom. I liked Jenna, and I felt horrible when I saw her mom died 8 days later.

    But yeah, there is no one on this show who finished lower than 10th. Maybe they should've picked lower finishing people(Lindsey, Jessie, Tanya, Gina, Shawna to name some of the girls) because they'd never quit because they'd be that excited to be out there and to be considered an All Star even though they got voted out pre merge. I doubt any of those girls would've done what Sue did.

    Oh yeah, and someone brought up what if Amber's top fell off and she rubbed against one of the guys on accident. That's private stuff, too and I doubt it'd have been a big deal at all.

    Woops, that ended up being really long. Sorry. But yeah, I have zero respect for Sue, which isn't saying a lot considering I never had respect for her to begin with.

    Think she wished she'd voted for Kelly now?

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    Lol...true....wonder who she hates most now Kelly or Rich?...anyhow....yup true Jeff didn't deserve to be getting all of that from her. I did feel bad for him, he tried to reason with her, but she just hacking at him.... oh well...now supposevely after TES she's "over it" (please...if your gonna quit the game and make a big WHoop out of it, and now your over it?????)

    Can't stand sue

    *quitter * quitter * lolx....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nrmrr
    No one has even mentioned Mike from Australia, he left due to injuries.
    It wasn't Mike's decision to leave. He would have stayed and played the game if he hadn't fallen into the fire. Sue didn't seem to be in the game at all this time...like she didn't want to be there. Two totally different situations.

    Mike should have been in the All Stars, dangit!
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

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    Osten was the worst yet, I cannot stand him!

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    Doesn't anyone get it? Look at what a wierdo Sue is to begin with:
    cranky, obnoxious, with inappropriate affect. Then, she has that
    incident with Hatch, which, while admittedly disgusting, would not
    normally cause anyone the degree of trauma that she experienced.

    My [in]expert opinion is that she's an abuse victim. That's a possible
    cause for her personality issues and would seem to explain why what
    happened with Hatch triggered this torrent of emotion. Somewhere
    in her past (probably her childhood or adolescence), she had some
    sort of damaging sexual episode which wasn't resolved.

    This, rather than the rather facile observation that "she's a quitter,"
    goes farther in explaining why someone would drop out of a competition
    worth $1,000,000.

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