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'Survivor' Insider: Winners, take warning: You may be next
Thursday, February 5, 2004


Oh-oh, I see a Saboga tribe in trouble. Oh no, wait a minute -- I see three tribes in trouble. How crazy is this? There's no fire, which equals no drinkable water. But it rained (or shall I call it a thunderstorm?), so there's really no excuse. I hope you all caught enough drops to quench your thirst. Hopefully, going into day four you will all figure something out, before you die of starvation and dehydration.

As those who watched Sandra Diaz-Twine take home the million on "Survivor: Pearl Islands" know, she isn't afraid to speak her mind. Here's what she had to say about the first "Survivor All-Stars" episode, which featured hardships aplenty for the three tribes and a farewell to a past winner. The next episode airs tonight at 8 on CBS/7.

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Although I made anot-so-specific prediction, I did say the first person voted off would be one of the four million-dollar winners. And bingo, I was right! Tina, you saw it coming. You and Ethan are very aware of your situation. There's no way a previous winner will win again, trust me on this one. Winners beware -- your days are numbered. Between Tina and Ethan, the tribe made a wise choice. Out of the two, who's the strongest? Ethan will be sticking around a little more even if they lose again, which I think is what's going to happen tonight.

Ethan is still stronger than Rudy, and the Sabogas need strength right about now. As for Rudy, he's not doing so well. How much longer can he go without water? Unfortunately, there's no way to hide this from your tribemates, Rudy. I don't fear for Rupert just yet because they need strength to continue on, and Rupert has that. Defeat tastes nasty, and once you've had a bite, you lose all motivation. Fingers are pointed and doom shall come again. Rupert, I know your alliance is with Rudy, but he's a liability. You've got to turn him loose. And the time is now.

Well, now on to Mogo Mogo. Richard seems to not give a damn about anything. He's definitely not a team player, but is that his strategy? He knows that in his tribe he's the biggest target, because, to have him tell it, he's the true ultimate survivor. Could he possibly be more arrogant? I think that's his plan; why put forth effort when you know you could possibly be the next to go? You've got to give it to him, he's good.

The only tribe here with tons of drama is Chapera. The Chapera tribe has no million-dollar winners, so it's still too early to predict who will be the first to go. But Chapera's downfall is too much mouth on one tribe. Rob M., their faithful leader, claims they are all "buffoons." Rob, name names! Which of the other five are you talking about?

Tonight's prediction: Rudy will be going home. Looking closely at scenes for this episode, he's not looking too good. I believe the Saboga tribe will be the first to get fire, and when that happens? They can eat. Rupert is an experienced fisherman with or without equipment, and the Saboga tribe ran into green bananas, which are edible -- you just have to peel them and boil. Once it has fire, this tribe's luck will turn around and everything will be OK.

In the "All-Star" incarnation of "Survivor," there are three tribes, named after their locations -- remote islands off the coast of Panama. Players started the game without food, fire or drinkable water. Those with names in bold have been voted off.

CHAPERA TRIBE: Amber Brkich (Australian Outback), "Big Tom Buchanan" (Africa), Alicia Calaway (Outback), Rob Cesternino (Amazon), Susan Hawk (Borneo) and Rob Mariano (Marquesas).

SABOGA TRIBE: Rudy Boesch (Borneo), Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands), Jenna Lewis (Pulau Tiga), Jerri Manthey (Outback), Tina Wesson (Outback winner) and Ethan Zohn (Africa winner).

MOGO MOGO TRIBE: Colby Donaldson (Outback), Richard Hatch (Borneo winner), Shii Ann Huang (Thailand), Jenna Morasca (Amazon winner), Lex van den Berghe (Africa) and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien (Marquesas).