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Thread: Previous Surviviors...I'm Lost...HELP!

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    Previous Surviviors...I'm Lost...HELP!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who is posting and being generally very entertaining in this forum. I too, am very excited for Survivor: All Stars, however, I need some help....

    While I watched the first and second Survivior seasons with religious zealousness, I was out of the country after that and I have only recently gotten back into form with Survior: Pearl Islands. As has become clear from the many references to the other seasons, I missed A LOT.

    Could someone do a quick re-cap of the 7 past seasons of Survivor for me (and maybe others who were not as diligent)? For instance, Tina said in her chat that Helen should have won rather than Brian in Thailand, I wonder what exactly went on there? Also, I'm totally unfamiliar with the likes of Jenna M. and Kathy on ASS, so some insight to their previous survivor adventures would be most appreciated.

    I've been reviewing the archives to try and get a handle of this stuff on my own, but the task is daunting and a synopsis would be very cool! Thanks!

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    Wow, that's a tall order. The official CBS site offers short video retrospectives for each season except the first. That might help you.
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    Read Paulie's Precaps for Survivor:Vanuatu: 1-2-3-4-5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    Wow, that's a tall order.
    I know..I'm sorry if I'm being too bold.

    I will check out CBS's site though, thanks for the info!

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    Wow...this will take awhile to do. So you've seen season 1 & 2 ... So i'll start season three Africa.

    *note: check out the cbs website for the full cast list, i'm just writting a brief summary on the "BIG" things that happened, well maybe not "big" things, but funny bits and pieces*

    Survivor Africa [S3]

    Firstly, i found this season *boring*, and i think many other people did as well, nothing great, there was no beach, it was all on land, their "water" hole was a joke!! it was like a pit. Overall, no one really "stoodout" in the cast. I'll just write a word description describing each contestant.

    Brandon - the gay wuss (sorry, but had to say that)
    Carl - the rich dentist
    Clarence - the guy in the white underwear lol
    Diane - forgot about her hmm..
    Ethan - survivor winner, nice guy, soccer player, great ethics
    Frank - the army guy
    Jessie - the hot babe
    Kelly - who?
    Kim J - not really sure about her
    Kim P - ditto
    Lex - the guy w/ the tatoos and says "cutthroat" a lot
    Linda - nature girl
    Lindsay - all i remember was that she was annoyin
    Silas - the hot guy (well from a chicks point of view not mine lol)
    Teresa - ??
    Big Tom - the nice big guy

    in general this season the worst of all, boring, nothin great!

    Survivor Marquesas [S4]

    I think in general many peopl were surprised to see vecepia get the name (myself included)..

    the cast:

    Gabriel - the guy with the teddy bear, the guy who said he's here to meet new people (idiot ..man)
    Gina - the tough girl, she was nice, too nice
    Hunter - the pilot ...reminds of andrew savage of pearl islands
    John - the gay nurse, survivor winner wannabe
    Kathy - tough lady, loved her, would've won the game, but vecepia stabbed her in the back
    Neleh - runner up, skinny blonde didn't like her
    Paschal - Neleh's bestfirned, old guy, nice guy (in general)
    Patricia - the "mom"
    Peter - the guy who brought cologne and FIRST BOOT
    Rob - the construction worker
    RObert - limo driver (enough said)
    Sarah - the hot and i Mean HOT babe
    Sean - the teacher,...boring
    Tammy - the tough chick
    Vecepia - the winner who didn't deserve anything
    Zoe - ??

    Bassically, Vecepia didn't deserve the win, firstly two tribes (forgot their names, don't really matter) one tribe kept losing every single challenge, the other kept winning every challenge. TWIST, the tribes changed randomly, so new people but the same number of people on the tribes. the F4 was weird, Paschal ended up getting the boot by picking a stone from a bag, because they woudln't come to an agreement, so then it came down to luck. bassically vecepia won 4-3 (frankly the F2, neither deserved to win)


    THe winner Brian, dirtiest player next to johnny fairplay, bassically stabbed everyone in the back at least once. Clay F2, don't even know how he ever reached the merge, MIDGET! lol..

    big events: Ghandia and Ted having a huge fight coz Ghandia thought Ted was "making a move" (which really he wasn't) they had a fight, bla bla bla...funny as fell though...

    twist: unique start the two eldest people choose their tribe, right there on the spot. interesting, bassicaly one tribe was young, strong, energetic, the other was older more mature and weaker. however the F3 were all from the old, mature, weaker tribe (ironic eh)?

    the cast:

    Brian - the use car sales man
    Clay - the midget who shouldn't have been there
    Erin - the hot babe
    Ghandia - one word "AHHHHHH" lol....that's all she does
    Helen - the tough navy women famous quote "if i had a gun right now, i'd shoot her, and then me" Lol...she said that when they were on a boat with no water, in the middle of the ocean, and they couldn't get back.
    Jake - nice guy
    Jan - the "mom"
    Jed - the hot guy (from a chickcs point of view not mine) sure he's got the abs, muscle, smile and all, but was first to get the boot from that tribe for being "lazy"
    John - the priest
    Ken - the police man
    Penny - ??
    Robb - the guy who brought a skateboard
    Shi ann - Shi devil, love her
    Stephanie - ?
    Tanya - ?
    Ted - big guy

    overall good season, fun to watch, fun bits and pieces, brian definitely played the game well, he DID deserve the win over Clay for SURE!!


    Jenna the winner ^_-????????

    all i can say ..

    season was the best (my opinion)

    guys vs. chicks teams (interesting...girls won first challenge EVER, the guys totally humiliated themselves hahaha...)

    first deaf chick to be in the game, felt sorry for her as she felt an outcast, but she coped well.

    a heck of a lot of b!*ching from alot of them

    Matt...nice guy...really, however he appeared to be some sort of phycotic killer on the loose, with his machete

    most memorable momment: Jenna and heidi stripping for choclate and peanut butter *Sweet* lol..

    Rob C - named the most coniving person, he manipulated and did everything he possibly could, played the game well, but got booted

    overall good season...

    nothing *wow*...

    Well yeah that's a review (EXTREMELY general, coz i don't want to spend all day typing this up)

    NOw looking at the people on A.S.S

    ALLICIA - the chick with the abs, unless she bucks up and learns to shut her mouth even if she's ticked, she might get far, other then that don't know why she was picked as an a.s.s

    AMBER - obvisouly needed her for TV ratings....aka the "hot" babe

    COLBY - what a.s.s. would it be without him?

    ETHAN - Survivor 3 winner ... hmm...nothing much to say, just that he won

    JENNA L - from S1 completely forgot about her

    JENNA M - no comment

    JERRI - Love her... she's changed though not as B**chy (yet)?

    KATHY - she's gonna play the game well, she learned from her mistakes, good to see her again

    LEX - CUTTHROAT!! lol ...

    RICHARD - the naked gay guy, no comment only reason he made a.s.s. coz he's got a lot of it, and he was S1 winner

    ROB C - the eight ball guy, deceiving...nice version of johnny fairplay

    ROB M - second chance? from what i've seen looks like he'll do fine

    RUDY - guess they needed someone "OLD" lol....

    RUPERT - what survivor without him?

    SHI ANN - the SHI devil turned SHI angel? lol...

    SUSAN - man...tat biotch....loud mouth, can't stand her, that's probably why she's here, so we can hate her (don't want to sound cold there, but i don't know anybody who likes that women)

    TINA - S2 winner.... *boring* :yawn

    BIG TOM - the big farmer guy ...lol

    well yeah...just some of my views...

    hope this sort of helps what you were wondering if not, you can ask again or check cbs! :grin

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    OMG Masashi, that was completely FANTASTIC!!!!!!

    I now feel 100% up to speed on this All Star Cast and the Survivior Past. Although, I think I'm glad I missed Africa and the Marqueses.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Masashi, I too missed a couple of the Survivors (Africa completely, but now sorry I missed seeing lots of Ethan - that boy is cuuuute) and I only saw a few of the final episodes of the one Tina won (so of course, I'm still left wondering what in the h*ll Colby was doing when he picked her for the F2). Great, and amusing, recap. I will, however, disagree with you on Jenna M's win. She no more deserved to win than Vecepia. And it's a sad thing when someone's most memorable moment on Survivor, and that act which gets them a spot on the All Star show, is stripping for chocolate and peanut butter. I found it immature and stupid then and I find Jenna M. the most undeserving of the All Stars....

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    ref guy
    Africa wasn't boring by any means. The old vs young battle in one tribe. Kim J. in her thong and Big Tom with a feather in his ass We had animal man Frank who tried to talk to elephants and who dreams of actually being one. Lions surrounded one of the camps looking for dinner. Even Ethan was pretty shook up at the time.

    The Aids awareness foundation started there. Probably the most important long term effect survivor has had in the world We had lots of playful washing by the survivors getting flirting peaks while washing each other. Ethan and Lex's visit to town to sell a goat and Ethan playing hacky sack and leaving the hacky with the kids. My favorite moment in all of the series. First major twist of switching tribes. Lex's gut instinct telling him who voted for him and it being wrong. T-bird who should be on All stars. One of the toughest ladies to ever play in my opinion. Silas, one of the top all time ladies men. Harshest conditions that we have ever seen. I really don't think ASS is even close. They had nothing to eat and the water source had elephant dung in it.

    I know I'm forgetting a lot of other stuff too. It was not boring what so ever IMO

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    In Amazon Jenna's defense (I'm NOT a big fan of hers, btw):

    In the F4, there were three guys with an alliance, and Jenna. She was on the block. Matt said at a TC, "May the best man win," confident that the male alliance would vote her out next (aside: These words came back to haunt him during the jury vote, as at least one woman jury member took offense).

    Jenna won the F4 immunity, finding items while blindfolded in a maze. The guys were even attempting to help each other, knowing that if any one of them won, Jenna was gone.

    She won immunity again at F3. Matt threw that challenge. The challenge was balancing on a post while holding a headdress over your head. Rob C. (also on SAS) couldn't match her endurance and will.

    Closing out the game by winning the final two immunities meant that she "outplayed" the competition when she had to. The jury vote was 6-1 in her favor. That's pretty convincing.

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    She was up against Matt, who didn't deserve to win either. I hated Jenna and I probably would have voted for her over Matt. She won because of winning immunity and going up against the right person in the final 2. There's no way she could have beat Rob in the Final Vote.

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    Matt sure as hell deserved to win over her!..

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