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Thread: Survivor All Star: Pelican Pete Report (2/1) - Game On!

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    Bill, thanks for a very insightful and thought-provoking analysis.

    To me, the big question is: will those who previously lost change their strategies? I have a suspicion that those who do, will go farther than those who don’t.

    Who’d of thought it possible to build a tribe where Rob C. is the quiet one?

    I don’t care if Sue has swallowed axel grease with a rusty spoon in the past and feels that she is the toughest woman ever to storm ashore in this game. Did she not grasp the concept of brain parasites? Did you see the way Howard Dean acted after Iowa? Brain parasites… they can really hurt you.

    I am worried about Rob C though. I fear he and Rupert might be making the same mistake, that being overcorrecting their previous strategy.

    Rich is many things, but stupid is not one of them. He has a plan, and it may not work, as he knows that previous winners, especially the Great Hatch, will be targets early and often, but rest assured, everything he is doing was pre-calculated.

    I love Rudy. He isn’t going to win, but I love him nevertheless.

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    Hatch's plan is for someone, who has never won before, to take him to the F2. What's a better way to win by taking a previous winner with you? Most people would say, I'd give it to the other guy since Rich already won before.

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