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Thread: Preparation - or how hard is it to practice lighting a fire?

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    It has been mentioned. Coconut juice is also a good laxative, which would accelerate dehydration.

    I was thinking coconut fiber would make a good tinder though.

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    The order of things should be
    One, plait palm fronds together to make a substitiute tarpaulin.

    Two, gather some big branches to make a framework for the roof (palm fronds).

    Three, gather dry tinder wood, dry grass or twigs.

    Four, find materials for making a fire, flint, rubbing sticks, string for a bow, glass.

    (Locate shelter in the sunny part of the beach, not close to the shore.)

    Five, have teams set up to take turns in making fire, so noone gets overworked.

    Six, have people set up pots, banana leaves, anything, coconut shells, to catch water if it rains.

    Seven, have a small scouting party to investigate what could be on the island and what clues the map might yield, such as fruit, clean wells, tools for making fire, dry tinder.

    Eight, if all else fails, not enough rainwater is collected, can't make fire, drink coconut milk (it may have a laxative effect, it may not, it's not a given - many fruit have a laxative effect if you have enough of them but it doesn't mean you should avoid them as a fluid source - and even if it did, your bowels will probably be empty anyway for the laxative effect to happen, and another point, you may retain more fluid than what you lose).

    Alternatively, if coconuts cannot be obtained or no fruit for that matter, drink the water, especially before delirium starts in or your kidneys start to shut down.

    I think the producers are being irresponsible if they let the water situation get out of hand. Some people will do all sorts of things to stay in the game, like not take in any water, and being in a dehydrated state they may reach the point where they are not capable of making the right decisions, like dropping out etc.

    Of course some of these activities can be done simultaneously. It's obvious that there needs to be a leader to organise all these things.

    As it is I think the fact that it has rained buys the Survivors a bit more time by the next episode, the conditions for making fire may have improved and the producers will think of some way of helping them out too if they need it.
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    the producers will think of some way of helping them out too if they need it.
    I agree. They'll let them suffer a bit, but that's it. Last season I was really hoping tribe Morgan would starve to death, but nooooo. :phhht

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    I think the "burned-out log" I referred to earlier was actually their tree mailbox. Oh well. It seems moot now anyway as they all have flints.
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    Eyeglasses for fire

    Quote Originally Posted by Modesty
    I agree John, and they could make a stronger string by cutting off some piece of fabric from someone's clothes.

    I don't think glasses would work unless you are farsighted and legally blind without them, and then they probably still don't focus enough. If you've ever tried doing it with a magnifying lens you would find that you have to focus the light to a really tiny dot to generate enough heat.

    I agree that the glasses would need to be sufficiently 'strong' for that idea to work. I also think Rudy was on the right track with the bowstring. I'm still in shock that none of these returning 'survivors' really had a clue.


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    [QUOTE=astrogirl_2100]About glasses

    You can only light fires with glasses from a far-sighted person, because those focus the light. If Kathy is like me, nearsighted, the glasses spread the light.

    from http://www.dur.ac.uk/r.g.bower/Optic...ec/node21.html

    Delurking to say:

    I had to try this since I'm so nearsighted that I can't even read the big E on the chart!

    You were right. And you don't want me on your tribe!!! The light through my glasses spread so far that the center of the circle was a shadow!

    Thanks for the info

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