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Thread: 02/01 Show Discussion **Spoilers until 2am**

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubenFan#205
    I am sorry.. but the weakest player of the game is Rudy.. If Rupert want to take out the weakest, he should vote for Rudy. But I don't blame him.. he is just playing the game.
    What I meant to say was the weakest player from the choices he had at that time. Rudy is not one of the choices who is in fact in his alliance. The choices were Ethan and Tina, and Tina was the weaker of the two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aname
    My thoughts after watching last night are:
    1. Richard Hatch - put on your pants jerk. You look bad enough clothed and disgusting naked. And - stop calling Colby honey and sweetheart. We know you have the hots for him, but I doubt that he will ever warm up to you. And, keep up the no-good lazy slob routine. I think its working - NOT! Hopefully, they'll boot you first..
    Wasn't Colby the one caught checking out Richard's sausage and meatballs?

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