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Thread: Paulie's Precaps - Episode 1: Flare Sack

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    survivor says.....its so simple...and yet no one but Paulie can make it work....great job and yipeeeeeeeeeeeee Paulie is back....

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    Freakin' brilliant from start to finish. Super job, Paulie. You're awesome, and I'm so happy that the precaps are here again!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie
    “Ooooohkay,” he says. “Anyone else want to just quit?” Osten’s torch falls over.
    Jonny Fairplay, however, doesn’t move. He braces himself for the blow and is instantaneously pile-driven into the ground by the enormous metal object. Only a puff of his blond curly hair is visible at the edge of the huge sandy crater. “Oo, too bad, Fairplay!” Jeff yells. “Survivor didn’t say to catch the anvil. You’re eliminated.”
    “Well, isn’t that ironic?” he says. “Brian can’t get it up. Hit the road, Heidik.”
    Rupert roars in enthusiasm and charges down to the beach to the boat, scooping Tina and Jerri into his arms on his way.
    Rob nods. “Sorry, big brother. I’m just an average joe. I don’t want any big fat obnoxious trouble with you. Consider me your apprentice. I’m just trying to learn from an American idol like you. Me, I just lead a simple life.”
    “Here,” Rudy says, snatching the gun away. “Gimme dat.” He rolls off the sled and kneels in the sand, the flare gun extended in front of him.

    “Oh, now this is interesting!” Jeff calls. “Rudy’s drawing a bead on the Chapera sled.”
    Paulie is back and in perfect form!
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    Oh MAANNN ... Wish Matt didn't have that uncharacteristic brain fart!

    And RobFather ... of COURSE he tattooed 'STUPID' on his forehead!!!

    You realize, Paulie, of course, that with 3 teams and extra players, for a few weeks at least these precaps could get pretty long. I wish I could say that I was sorry, that we ALL were sorry, but man ...........

    WE'RE ECSTATIC!!!!!!!!!!

    However, I believe your biggest challenge will be to find an interesting quirk to mine in Jenna non-Mascara.

    Btw, I STILL have my job even though my boss noticed my productivity was suffering greatly thursday mornings. I guess that's going to start up again. Too bad.

    Thanks for a riotous morning!

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    Paulie, it's going to be a great Survivor season.

    I think your idea of weaning from ALL the contestants is a flash of brilliance. Ah, the powerful yet logical Simon Sez. And you have to spell it to look like pez, too.

    I had to laugh that nobody noticed when Vecepia dropped out. And Osten was there in spirit, that old no-getter.

    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Haha, I am still laughing!

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    Hilarious read! Really...well done!

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    Guess it didn't happen quite the way you envisioned, Paulie, but your version was definitely more entertaining than the real one!
    Fun reading as always!

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    Great job.......Brilliant.......Too much to quote.....

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    “Well, isn’t that ironic?” he says. “Brian can’t get it up. Hit the road, Heidik.”

    I am still laughing over this!!!

    This recap was SMOKIN'!

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