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Thread: Opinions and Thoughts Going In

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    I don't think it's gonna be the BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD..

    but i think it's gonna definitelly kick some a.s.s!!

    Some thoughts, any clues (haven't seen any posts or articles), on how the game will start, is gonna be a "twist" in the start like S7, or are they just gonna start normally, with each a pair of clothes ...i'm not sure!

    I don't know about the whole 3 tribe thing though, would've rather liked it 2 tribes, just bigger, then theres just more chemistry lol!.. so what is tribe 1 wins, then tribe 2,3 have to make a boot?

    or how about rewards? only 1 tribe wins?...or two?


    i hope theres not gonna a twist as bad as S7's a mean a twist yes...good...but having people who alrady got booted come back in to me is a no-no!

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    I've been a bad, bad girl Siryn's Avatar
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    Here is the question: aside from the two obvious choices of who deserves to be there or not (Amber, Jenna L.), who there is really a weak player?

    Do you mean physically weak or mentally weak? Or both?

    I put Amber as a weak player mentally, but not physically. Maybe the same for Jenna Lewis. I think Rob M. definitely has a weak mental game, as he is willing to incapacitate his tribe so long as he's on top of the dung heap. Rupert's mental game is weak unless he is willing to realize that a) it's a game and b) you are going to have to lie to these people to advance.

    Most of them are still really fit, so.... are there any true physical weak links? I don't think there are.

    The game is almost entirely political.
    I me some Marty Casey. Go Marty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoneStarSpur
    I hope the SB doesn't go to overtime.

    I was just looking at the tvguide website and realized that Episode 1 will only be one hour. :mad: Episode 1 of S7 was 90 minutes. Good thing that we're familiar with all 18, because, unless MB throws in a twist right from the start, one will be gone in only 60 minutes.

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    I was just wondering how long the first show was going to be. An hour doesn't seem long enough.


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    Whoo Hoo!! 3,000 posts in this forum and it's still 3 days before the show airs! Let's hope it lives up to all of our expectations. I think it would be great if everyone tried to be the polar opposite of who they were the first time around, so everyone else's preconceived ideas would be wrong. All the nice people could turn evil, the evil ones could be sweet as pie, the smart ones dumb as dirt, and the quiet ones in-your-face.

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    I'm just really, really grateful that we won't be seeing any players who are clueless about how the game is played. I never again want to see a Survivor who claims not to have watched the show before signing up.

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    It has the potential to be a great season and should be a sentimental journey for us fans. I predict big, big ratings for this one.

    One phrase, The Unexpected! I look for many of the players to pull a 180 on gameplay strategy. Everyone is familiar with each others style so look for the smarter players to switch things up. I think we will all be surprised at how some of our favorites come off, especially early on. Of course as the game progresses some will fall back into their old ways and they will be the first ones at the Loser Lodge. Adaptability is the name of the game.

    I'm really looking forward to this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheela
    I'm just really, really grateful that we won't be seeing any players who are clueless about how the game is played. I never again want to see a Survivor who claims not to have watched the show before signing up.
    I'll second that thought! This is one of the reasons I think this will be a really good season. And I'll agree with Siryn about the fact that A.S.S will be almost entirely political. I say almost entirely because there are still challenges, and it will take strength, determination, and grit to win those...as a team and as individuals.

    I liked Paulies prediction of mayhem. Mayhem is good for TV. I am really looking forward to the show on Sunday, and seeing how its all gonna work.
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    Dave Cullen

    Winner: Shii Ann
    Fall-back predictions: Rudy, then Colby.

    By "fall-back predictions" I mean my second and third choices for who will win, not who I think will come in second and third. Huge difference.

    Who knows on the winner. So many scenarios, but I think Shii Ann is smart, wily and strong enough to hold her own without being a threat. Most importantly, she is the best player out there without a target. I think she got the least far of anyone, so she will not be seen as a threat. And it helps that she's on a pretty strong team. Or maybe I'm just picking her cause I like her.

    Colby? I know, I know, I'm breaking my #1 rule of this game, that previous winners don't stand a chance, and a few others "strong" players are right up there with them, and Colby is probably most wanted man of all.

    So I don't think he'll win. But . . . there are so many different scenarios. His tribe will prolly keep him around for awhile to win challenges (assuming the rules are the same), and just like last time, if they keep him too long and he starts winning challenges, it may be too late to get rid of him. He had an amazing streak of individual wins last time. Or maybe the rules will be different and one or two will ally with him and keep him around because it's in their interest to have someone winning other sorts of challenges. He's my darkhorse to take the unexpected route home. If he does make it to the finals, I think he'll smear almost anyone, especially the weak players likely to get there with him.

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    The only problem I have ever had with Survivor is the way some of the contestants are horrified when someone stabs them in the back and is dishonest. Seems I recognize a few of the culprits but it's been so long since some of them have been on I tend to forget. I do remember the ones I disliked and hope they go first. I like Rupert but he will be one of the first to go because he is so physically strong. I hope he tones it down and gets a little more dishonest to stay in the game. Poor Rupert thinks it's all about honesty.

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