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Thread: Probst On Regis& Kelly

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    Probst On Regis& Kelly

    Well Jeff was on and gave away a whole lot of nothing. He's got the hang of this now. He looked thin!

    There were jokes about food favours, like when cameras go off do they give them food to clean tent etc, and about Thai girls available for foot massages, but then Jeff said no none of that we're in the middle of nowhere.Kelly wanted to know how they picked women who still look cute dirty.:rolleyes:

    The only thing of interest he did say was that they have three days of survival training from the red berets, the Thai equiv of the green berets.This included what they could and could not eat, as well as warnings to watch for the king cobra.

    I don't know whether it was bull or not, but he said if someone was bitten, they had 1/2 hour to live.( I know they have a full medical staff , and you can't tell me that they wouldn't have anti-venom)Still I would not to be bitten or even see one of those. Jeff said he saw one, but it was so hot and humid , it didn't move, except to give a half hearted head raise.

    Jeff said the temp was about 115 and humid .He claimed that it was worse heat than Africa, because of the humidity and described it as stifling .He said the show has a few twists as they have to keep it fresh without changing it much.
    About the beginning- The way the show unfolds is very different and it occurs in first 10 min.
    :::cough - visit to village:::
    He said that Africa was his favourite location, but had the smelliest survivors, then lauged and said this group smelled pretty good.

    Nada info- good job Jeff-

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    Thanks for the recap.

    Yes, that Jeff, he sure is MB's hand puppet, isn't he?

    Actually, you couldn't pick a more perfect host. He's friendly but keeps his distance from the Survivors.

    And he doesn't ever use the phrase, "Don't go home skillet on me"

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