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Thread: Things that bother me about these posts

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    Mr Bill hit upon it. When we find ourselves disliking someone & aren't able to adequately express why, we revert to the namecalling. Sometimes we forget that our little insults reflect more upon us than they do our intended victims. I try (but don't always succeed) to avoid such behavior. I have many people near & dear to me who have unfortunate mental &/or physical imperfections. I try to imagine how bad I would feel if these people were standing over my shoulder as I was typing negative remarks. That, more than anything, keeps me in check. Besides, I'm usually too busy defending EvilPenny to put anybody down.

    I didn't mean to sound snotty in the above...just trying to give my point of view on a touchy subject.

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    Jodaar! I agree completely with what you say - you express what I think much better than I ever could! (With the exception perhaps that I've not been very busy defending Penny ).

    And BF, pls don't misunderstand me. I would be very bothered about making fun of anyone's looks - whether on a show or in real life.

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