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Thread: Rob Mariano - Chapera

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    Rob probably deserves to win because he's the only one with a proactive strategy. However, given the quality of his competition this is no compliment. Rob and his Chapera sheep are like watching Michael Jordan play a game of basketball with a bunch of sixth grade admirers that are just happy to be with him. They're not thinking about the game, they just wanna be with Mike. Rob thinks the women want him...who knows? Maybe they do. Maybe Rupe and Tom do too as far as that goes. For some unknown reason they are all getting something out of his apparent domination over them. Try as I have, I can't understand it?

    Rob's the best player but since the competition is so bad and Shii is the underdog...I pray that she wins. Yuck! I can't believe I just said that.

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    It is Rob vs Tom the next episode. It's going to be down to these last two snakes.
    Who's going to outwit the other?

    Tom is the swing vote next episode. He's got to decide between Rupert and Rob. Which one when it comes down to it is going to take him to f2?

    Rob and Tom are playing mindgames with one another.

    Rob wants Tom to think he's fallen for Tom's good old boy Southern charm like Lex did. He's playing along with it. Rob knows Tom's the swing vote and that the next episode is a critical hurdle in the game, the point in the game where Tom will decide which way he'll swing.

    Tom bit the hook last episode and took him on the reward. A perfect setting for two macho males to strengthen their bond. An all boys night out. I'm sure Rob did everything to enhance the illusion that Rob has a boys' club mentality and that at the end of the day, he'll pick a buddy over a girl for the final two.

    Rupert? Who knows what Rupert would do? As much as Jenna is annoying him, he might still take her to f2 over Tom out of a misplaced sense of loyalty. And he did give Tom the cold potatoes that dinner.

    Tom is a smart player, one of the best. He's the only top finisher who hasn't been voted out early. And he doesn't seem to be a threat. This takes alot of skill. Even though he finished the highest out of the remaining players, he's not too proud to put his head down and work hard, chopping the wood and performing other heavy labor. He doesn't have an ego like some of the other players, which means he doesn't get tangled up in fights and he gets on with everybody.

    All the same, in this humble ho-down simple farmer beats the heart of a shrewd politician. He knows this game is about manipulating people and he does just that by misleading others to think he is too unsophisticated to be playing the game and overlook him when they are voting threats off. He may not read and write as well as the rest but he's smarter about the game than most of them ("..Shii Ann's making an alliance with a bush" - LOL).

    But all this has not gone unnoticed by Rob. Rob recognizes another wily player when he sees one - and he doesn't trust Big Tom 'as far as he can throw him'. Rob has been grooming Tom since the beginning of the game. Rob wants Tom to think he is his number three and could be easily promoted to his number two. Which could explain why Tom didn't flap out after Alicia, an original Chaperan was voted off. Next episode we will see whether Tom has fallen for Rob's trap or not.

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    I live 2 street down from Rob's home...

    For all you survivor fan's that thinks that Rob is a babe.
    I grew up with him in Canton. I know hs whole family.
    I see him him hang out in my town.. He's just a normal guy...

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    Can Rob win this game?

    I was trying to figure out if it was actually possible for Rob to win this game. For Rob to make it to the final 2 with someone and actually beat them, he'd have to take Jenna along with him. She is the only person likely to be hated more than Rob himself. I wonder if he sees this.

    Of the possible combinations going to the final 2 we have with the votes likely going this way..

    Rob/Amber: Jenna, Tom, Kathy, Lex, Alicia, Shii Ann, Rupert
    Rupert/Jenna: Kathy, Lex, Shii Ann, Rob, Amber, Tom, Alicia, Nobody
    Tom/Rob: Lex, Kathy, Alicia, Rupert, Amber, Jenna, Shii Ann
    Tom/Amber: Lex, Kathy, Alicia, Shii Ann, Rob, Rupert, Jenna
    Tom/Jenna: Lex, Kathy, Shii Ann, Alicia, Rupert, Rob, Amber, Nobody
    Tom/Rupert: Alicia, Kathy, Lex, Amber, Jenna, Rob, Shii Ann
    Jenna/Rob: Alicia, Rupert, Shii Ann, Kathy, Lex, Amber, Tom
    Jenna/Amber: Nobody, Lex, Kathy, Shii Ann, Rob, Rupert, Tom, Alicia
    Rob/Rupert: Amber, Lex, Tom, Kathy, Jenna, Alicia, Shii Ann
    Amber/Rupert: Rob, Shii Ann, Alicia, Tom, Jenna, Kathy, Lex

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    The only problem with trying to guess who they are going to vote for is that you never know who MB is going to tell them they have to vote for. Look back at Survivor Amazon, there was no possible way for that to happen and it did. It all comes down to who MB wants to win.

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    I think his game is a perfect analogy for sheep and their shepard. They could all gang up and run him over and stop the demise of their friends, but he carries that big long stick/cane thing (anybody have any idea what that is?) and really, who wants to screw around with that?

    Oh that's funny-Although I guess Amber enjoys screwing around with it hee hee
    This AI is an embarassment-I might be able to accept what's going on if the contestents were first timers-but these people should know better-I find it hard to believe everyone (other than Shi-ann) has fallen in line behind Rob? Why? he hasn't done anything, and why would anyone trust him-he wants to win a million he has his meathooks into Amber and vice versa-duh! that means there's no room for anyone else in the final2. And how is promising someone the final 4 helpful in any way? And another thing, why not simply nod ones head yes to everything Rob promises then turn around and get everyone else to do the same then toss him? Oh these people can't realy be this abivelent!

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    Savory Food for Thought, Matt64!

    What a great post, Matt64! I really appreciate you color coding your message so I can ponder it better.

    Why Jenna though? Do you think she's not well liked? She's not a player I have particular feelings for either way so your post kinda woke me up, as I hadn't actually contemplated anythings along those lines.

    I know she's not shy and demure but neither is anyone else.

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    That's a good observation, Gher. I hadn't thought that Tom might be portraying himself as a simple country bumpkin to further himself in the game. If he is, then it would be an excellent strategy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michy4545
    For all you survivor fan's that thinks that Rob is a babe.
    I grew up with him in Canton. I know hs whole family.
    I see him him hang out in my town.. He's just a normal guy...
    If being hot, entertaining and charming is just being 'normal' in Canton ... woohoo, you're lucky living there ...

    Two more episodes left and it's going to finish quickly ... thank God, because this season really dragged.

    Rob's been the one bright light in the whole show so it would be fitting if he won .. it would mean the best ending to Survivor EVER .. it would also mean I had to wait EIGHT seasons for the player I've been rooting for to win - about time! It would make up for having to watch one of the suckiest seasons that's ever been on.

    But if he doesn't ... that's cool. I'm pretty certain Rob will go out with good grace because he's never lost the perspective that some players have, that this is a game and that's all it is in the end. For him, I think, it was more important that he ENJOYED playing it and played it hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gher
    ....But if he doesn't ... that's cool. I'm pretty certain Rob will go out with good grace because he's never lost the perspective that some players have, that this is a game and that's all it is in the end. For him, I think, it was more important that he ENJOYED playing it and played it hard.
    Yeah, that's probably what I like most about him, and probably what has helped him be so successful in manipulating the others. He is playing the game in the manner it should be played, IMO. Emotions (with the major exception of Amber) are completely absent. In fact, his emotional tie to Amber is his only Achilles heel (again IMO) that could contribute to his downfall. However, his one emotional tie hasn't hurt him to this point because the others haven't targetted him because of it (though they should have obviously broken up such an obvious alliance). Kathy and Lex (I had such high hopes for these two and was pulling for them until they kept making the serious blunders leading to their demise) seem to approach the game much more emotionally (Yes, Lex, I know you said it was all business, but it was easy for you to believe that charade while you thought you were in the driver's seat.) and they seem to be too tied up personally in the outcome. Rob doesn't seem to focus on anything but seeing how well he can do in the game whereas Kathy and Lex seem to define themselves to a certain extent on their performance in it.... I am not expressing myself very well, so I'll stop here.
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