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Thread: Rob Cesternino - Chapera

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    He justly deserves his ASS slot, but his very success in the Amazon will make him an early target now. I don't think he makes the jury.

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    I think too that he is one of the main targets right after previous winners. Unfortunately so, his entertainment value is very high
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I just can't stand Rob. It's impossible for me to root for him. He really messes things up, which is exciting to watch, but I don't want him to win.

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    Great entertainment value, but I can't see him going very far now that everyone knows who and how he is. Hope he sticks around a bit though.

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    I agree Modesty, I can't see him going too far.
    The others should be aware of his Survivor brain, he's too dangerous.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Rob is my favorite player ever! I hope he at least goes farther than Jenna.
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    Rob C? Hm...

    well at first i would say he's going down, too over confident, the whole label as him being the mastermind of the game got his ego-boost! But then I look at his tribe Alicia? Hahaha....she could beat that guy up, I think his only major threat IS Alicia, the rest seem pretty much oblivious...don't know may be wrong....i dunno he's not my 'favorite' but yet not really my 'most hated'!

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    CaNaDiAn FaN
    Rob Cesternino's Pre-Game Interview from www.cbsnews.com:

    Tracey: So a lot of people thought you should have won this the first time you played.

    Rob: Well, I thought I should have won the first time I played it too but unfortunately that's not the way it went down but uhh..luckily, and you don't always get a second chance in life, I do get a second chance to re-write history.

    Tracey: How are you gonna re-write it? You gonna do things differently?

    Rob: I'm gonna do some things differently, I'm gonna do some things better but I think that uhh..I had a real recipe for success last time so I plan on doing a lot of things the same but not let everybody know what's going on. It's gonna be the real thing that I have to concentrate on.

    Tracey: Do you feel like you revealed a little too much last time?

    Rob: I feel like I'm going into this game very high profile and where as last time really people didn't notice what I was doing until about 30 days into the game. Now, people are going to be paying attention to what I'm doing the whole way through and I do have a big target on my back coming into the game so I do really have to be on my best behavior coming into the game.

    Tracey: You gonna try and show people a different side of Rob? I mean, is that how you do it?

    Rob: I will attempt to try to show the other Survivors that I was just edited poorly, that I really am a nice kid and I don't know why they kept showing all the, they kept, every time I said something bad they put it on the show and I really was very nice the whole time and uhh..I don't know if that, if, how well that's gonna work but I am gonna try it so umm..it's better than going out there with both guns out trying to uhh..you know, screw people over on the first vote. I think that's gonna be a uhh..quick way to write myself a ticket home. That, I think that the best strategy coming in is to sort of, uhh..give them a side of me they don't expect and just to be a nice kid.

    Tracey: Richard Hatch said that you're probably the best survivor player, ever. How does that, doesn't that make you a target, I mean that the man himself is saying that?

    Rob: Well the thing about Richard Hatch is that, and I'll tell you that Richard Hatch is the best Survivor player ever, is that he knows what he's doing. He's been playing the same game I am that he's trying to deflect attention away from himself so if he wants to come out he can easily, you know, "Really everybody, we need to get rid of this Rob character because he is really is a...." The best thing that ever happened to Richard Hatch was me coming along because I just took so much pressure off of him. Now, instead of saying, "Oh we just have to worry about Richard," now people are saying, "We've gotta worry about Richard. We gotta worry about Rob. We've gotta worry about...." and the more, the more better players have come along the more it plays into Richard's hands. So it's in Richard's best interest, absolutely, to go around, singing my praises, but I do think that he does feel genuinely.

    Tracey: Alright. Now how about, you, you know taht the other Rob is here.

    Rob: Yes.

    Tracey: What's that gonna be like to have the two manipulators?

    Rob: Well, the, the thing about Boston Rob is that I don't think he's a great Survivor player. I think Boston Rob is a great guy, he's a lot of fun, but the guy is a powder-kag and he's gonna explode at any point and he's gonna take himself, and a bunch of other people out with him. So, I, to deal with Boston Rob is like playing with, with nitroglycerine. That, you wanna, (leans back) you know, you just kinda wanna, you know? That it's, it's okay, it's okay to work with him but he may start yelling about something. He may make something up. He may be telling the truth. That he's a very volatile Survivor player which is great for television but makes me very nervous.

    This guy is really smart. I liked hearing his thoughts on Richard Hatch's ameplay. Although, "I do think that he does feel genuinely."

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    It's interesting that they put both Rob's on the same tribe. Somehow I don't see these two getting along. Both will be fighting for the attention of Amber. Whoever gets her will survive and the other one will go right away. I can see Rob C getting along with both Alicia and Susan better than Rob M, not sure about big Tom.

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    Rob's points are interesting...I still say Richard's the bigger threat over Rob, though. He's not hated the way that Richard is.

    He's got a good point about Robfather...Rob M plans to be in your face ALL THE TIME...so it'll be interesting to see how that goes.

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